What to Consider When Selecting an Exterior Wall Paint Color

Picking the right exterior paint can be difficult with many types, brands, and colors to choose from. Furthermore, looking at  the different kinds of weather conditions in Atlanta, you can become frustrated in choosing what is best for your exterior walls. Therefore, to help you get started on trimming down your options to find the best exterior paint for your home, here is an explanation of essential factors to consider when choosing the external wall paint for your home.

What Surface Are You Painting?

One of the first things you need to consider is what surface you are painting. You’ll want to ensure that the primer and paint work well with the material being applied on. For instance, if your exterior walls are made from wood, you’ll want to ensure that any products you use can protect this material from moisture. If you are not sure about your surface, ensure you consult expert painters for the best advice.


The quality of paint plays an important role in determining how long it will last on your exterior walls. Most high-quality paints are made from 100% acrylic latex, making them more durable than low-quality paints usually made from vinyl or vinyl-acrylic latex. This is especially important if you live in regions that have extreme climatic conditions since high-quality paints can withstand these harsh conditions without losing their original look and feel or even developing cracks or fading. It is best to find experts such as exterior painters Atlanta who can advise you on what works best. Experts inĀ  painting will also ease the hustle of having to purchase the paint, and you will find that the cost may be affordable since sometimes they have deals with paint suppliers.


Depending on where you live, you need to consider the weather when choosing exterior wall paint. If you live in a cold climate, you might want to consider a darker color, which can absorb more heat. This will also help to keep the temperature inside your home warmer. However, a dark color may not be the best choice if you live in a warm climate. This is because dark colors absorb heat and cause your home to heat up more easily. In addition, if you live in a coastal area, consider using paint that is resistant to saltwater damage and UV rays.

Life Expectancy

The first thing you need to consider when choosing your exterior wall paint is how long it will last. The paint’s life expectancy will depend on the quality and type of paint that you choose. You want to make sure that the paint has at least 10 years of life expectancy. This will give you enough time to enjoy it without having to worry about repainting it too soon because of peeling or fading. Also, if you plan on staying in your house for many years, then spending the extra money on higher quality paint is probably a wise decision. It will look better and last longer, which means less maintenance for you over time!

The Color You Want to Use

The color is another major factor you should consider when choosing exterior wall paint for your home. This is because the type of color determines the amount of time and money you would spend on painting your house. For instance, dark colors take fewer coats than lighter shades, requiring more than four coats for best results. In addition, darker colored paints give better coverage than their lighter counterparts and do not show imperfections in application techniques such as brush marks and drips.


Picking the right exterior paint can be difficult with many types, brands, and colors to choose from. To help you get started trimming down your options to find the best exterior paint for your home, ensure you follow through with the important factors to consider when choosing the exterior wall paint for your home. If you are still uncertain about these factors, consult exterior painters Atlanta for the best advice.

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