What Should You Do Immediately After a Hurricane to Restore Your Plumbing Systems

Storms with rainfall and winds can cause severe damage to your property’s plumbing system. Do you live in a place that experiences hurricanes frequently? Then, you must have seen hurricane damage to plumbing many times. 

But if you do certain things after a hurricane, you can restore your plumbing system. So, what should you do?

Take the following initiatives:

Inspect Your Drains

Outdoor drains and gutters pass water away from your property which keeps your windows and walls dry. When debris blocks hitters, it causes leakage and flooding. Conduct a quick examination and remove elements that have clogged these systems. 

During the inspection, look for trash, weeds, leaves, and other stuff that have caused clogging. Clear out everything that has run inside the drainage system. 

Check Sump Pump

A sump pump protects your home from storm waters. It functions automatically and pumps water out as fast as it gets in. As soon as a storm rolls in, ensure your sump pump is active and running. 

Use a pump to pour a small amount of water inside the drain. The float needs to pass freely and turn on the pump when water reaches the most appropriate level. In case your pump doesn’t activate, look for any debris that may be blocking the float. If you can’t see any debris causing the blockage, they can shift the moment water gets inside the drain. 

If your sump pump does not function properly, book an appointment with an emergency professional plumbing service provider. A broken or defective sump pump may add approximately hundreds of gallons of water to your basement, for which you should do a big repair activity. Replace or fix a sump pump quickly, as that won’t cost you much. 

Examine the Septic Framework

Don’t you have a city sewer system? Then you tend to have a septic tank below ground. If the system has backups or clogs, the sudden entrance of rainwater can lead to sewage to back up via the lines and inside your home. 

You can also hire professional plumbers to check your septic tank before the hurricane attacks your property, mainly if you see clogged toilets, sluggish drains, and get a foul smell. These are all the signs of a bigger problem that will increase by massive rainfall. Get in touch with professionals and book an appointment so they can inspect your septic system before a hurricane attack. 

Find Out the Key Water Valve

To repair the hurricane damage to plumbing, you should find out the key water valve located inside your home. However, the main valve is usually the first attacked point when there is a heavy flood in your area. 

Whenever you suffer from a water heater malfunctioning and a burst pipe, you should quickly turn off the water to block the entering of any extra water inside your home. 

It is crucial for you to know the valve location, mainly when you must evacuate quickly during the storm season. Before evacuation, you should turn off the water and drain all your pipes. Once you turn off the water, it prevents the entering of contaminated fluid into your system. Moreover, it keeps your pipes very clean until there is another storm. 

If you don’t require evacuation, fill your bathtub and sink with clean water and then deactivate the mainline. Whenever there is a heavy storm, you need to think seriously about contamination. 

Conduct a Thorough Inspection

After the hurricane hits your property, you should look for any damage caused by the storm. Look for pooling water, piles of leaves or dirt, and downed tree branches that are the hurricane damage to plumbing. Spend a minute cleaning your property before turning on the water again. 

Once you turn on the water, detect all the plumbing issues. Ensure none of the taps are leaking and all the drains are functioning properly. Flush all of the toilets in your home to check if they are in perfect working condition. Check the water heater, but it can be an hour or more before you have sufficient hot water for a full test.

Once you notice an issue that you find quite tough to fix yourself, call nearby plumbers immediately. The professionals will reach your home with the necessary tools to quickly carry out their work and solve all your issues. 

Bottom Line

Heavy storms like hurricanes can cause severe damage to the plumbing system of your property. Being a homeowner, you should repair the hurricane damage to the plumbing system as soon as possible. If you delay in fixing the issues, it degrades the value of your property. 

Sudarsan Chakraborty
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