What Makes Polished Floors Better than Regular Flooring?

If you plan to renovate your home and think about installing a polished floor or not, you must read this. Here, you will understand why polished floors are better than regular floorings. 

Polished floors are widely used in both homes and offices. It is the best solution if you are looking for a floor that is stain resistant and durable. Moreover, these floorings have eye-soothing properties. Many people are now using these floors due to their benefits. 

What is polished concrete? 

It is a durable polish work that is being used to make any surface shiny and smooth. Using a grinding tool, the polish works perfectly in adding desired smoothness, shine, and lighting effects to the surface. You can decide if you want it to be darker or lighter, and the type and consistency are all up to you. 

For years, polished concrete has been used, providing extremely high-gloss finish floors, giving the surface a striking look. 

What are the benefits of using a polished floor? 


Polished floors are very durable and even heavy foot traffic doesn’t have any impact on them. It doesn’t chip and scratch-resistant, making it almost impossible to get damaged. 


The polished floor can last up to 10 years without needing major maintenance, given that it is appropriately installed and maintained. This type of flooring lasts way longer than wood laminate and even carpeting. 


Most home builders prefer polished floors if they need flooring that costs less and lasts long. Most property owners are now switching to this type of flooring as it is cheap but highly durable. However, its affordability depends on whether you will install it on a slab concrete that needs staining and finishing or something more sophisticated. 

Low maintenance 

Polished floors don’t need significant maintenance aside from daily mopping and sweeping to remove any dirt buildup. If your floor contains a high gloss finish, occasional damp mopping is needed to maintain its gloss. 

It perfectly works with floor heating systems 

Another advantage of the polished floor is its ability to work well with a radiant floor heating system. Thanks to its high thermal conducting properties. 


It is chemical-free 

If you need an eco-friendly flooring solution, a polished concrete floor is the best choice. The maintenance or installation of this floor doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, cleaners, or adhesive. Other benefits include enhanced ambient lighting, abrasion-resistant, and moisture resistance (if properly finished and sealed). 

Tips on maintaining the polished floor 

Since polished floors are your investment, you want to make sure that they would last longer than a decade. Below are some tips to make your floor more durable. 

Clean it regularly 

One of the best ways to enhance your floor’s durability and beauty, you need to keep it clean. The areas that receive heavy foot traffic should be cleaned twice a day. 

Use high-quality products 

If you are going to apply any products on your floors, such as for cleaning or decoration purposes, make sure that you will use high-quality products that won’t damage the quality of the floor. You have to choose wisely in choosing the cleaning equipment that you are going to use. 

Don’t use harsh chemicals 

It is alright to use some floor wax to enhance the floors shine and add protection. However, you need to make sure that the wax you are going to use is guaranteed to protect the floor. 

Polished floors have a lot of advantages compared to regular floorings. However, make sure that you will hire the top company with highly skilled workers to install your floor. This type of flooring should provide more aesthetic to your home or office without spending a fortune.

Sudarsan Chakraborty
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