What is Vastu Shastra? How It can bring positivity?

The word Vastu is in Sanskrit which denotes Land or area or property but in this case, it means the dwelling place. In ancient India, the learned pundits found out some rules by doing which one can bring positivity, happiness, and prosperity and keep the evil out of the Vastu or dwelling home.  Not only in ancient times but till now there are a lot of people who believe in Vastu Shastra.

There must be something that leads people to believe in Vastu sastra even now. It is mostly believed in India and Asian countries. But there are some people besides Asia who strongly believe in Vastu Shastra.

What is Vastu Sastra?

Vastu Shastra is the ancient science for architecture and home design in a way that brings the best and positive impact to a home. It is basically some guidelines for decorating the home in a proper way to bring positive energy to your Vastu. There are some people who hire Vastu Shastra experts so that they can get the full benefits from their home and bring positivity. . The expert will explain and detect where to place the door of the home, the bedroom, where to place the furniture and how to sleep (The Sleeping position) etc.

Vastu Shastra is a very vast topic. Here I explain some basis Vastu Shastra Guideline which you can follow:

Some Vastu Shastra Rule for Bedrooms:

Bedrooms are the most important place where we spent most of the time in our life. So I decided to start with the Vastu Shastra rule for the bedroom. Let’s begin with the placement of the bed. The rule pacing the bed head depends on various facts basically on the profession. According to some Vastu experts normal people should place their bed head pointing to the South. For Professionals, it is the East direction which is the best side to place your head. Generally, try to place your bed in a way that the head side of the bed is placed very close to a wall, it will give stability to your life. So, the main point is that the South and east are the best sides to keep the tour head while sleeping. According to Indian Vastu Shastra, North and West Sides are not at all good for placing your head while sleeping. Try to make a separate room for prayer and Gods and not keep God’s Images or anything in the sleeping bedrooms.

Some other Vastu Shastra Rules for Bedroom:

1: The main bedroom should be in the south-west portion of the home where the head of the family or married couple stays and their bed-room should be the largest in the home.

2: Bedroom entrance can be in East, West or North wall. You should avoid the South Wall entrance.

3: Avoid placing divine idols in the bedroom.

4: Try not to keep any slippers or clutter under the bed and the bed should not make any sound.

5: Bed should be three sides open not in all 4 sides.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Main Door of the Home:

It is very important to keep the main entrance of the home in the right place. The main entrance door should be ideally two doors. It should be high, wide. The thickness of the main door should be greater than all other doors of the home. The golden rule of all the doors and windows is that all the doors should open inside while the windows should open outside. Avoid lots of carvings on the main door as well as all the doors and keep it simple. Always lubricate the doors so that there will be no noise coming from them.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen:

The best location for the kitchen is South-East and the second best is North-West. A most suitable location for the Gas stove or electronic Items in the kitchen are southeast or Eastside. The main entrance door of the kitchen should not be in the South-West portion of the kitchen. Keeping unwashed utensils after dinner should be avoided as it is not considered as good practice according to some Vastu experts. Also Never keep any idols in the kitchen.  


I have researched all the facts from some ancient books that are written on the basis of Vastu Shastra and go to some people who are professional Vastu vid. I search on this topic over Youtube and come across some new and interesting facts about this topic as well. Obviously I believe that there will be some people who will not believe about this topic. But the majority of people believe the basics of Vastu Shastra to bring peace and prosperity to their house. As far as my believe concerns every Vastu Shastra rules has their own significance so we should follow them at least the basics.

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