What is a Garden Tub and All You Need to Know About It?

The garden tub is the large soaking tub that provides relaxation to many bathtubs available in the market. It depends upon the size of a bathroom do you need to accommodate it or not.

We will share a few considerations to keep in mind that should you want for a garden tub.

What is a garden tub?

A garden tub is a soaking tub with freestanding having oval and deep enough to submerge the entire body inside it. The popularity of garden tub is increasing day by day because of its style that makes more luxurious option than other bathtub options available in the market.

Garden tub has good space that you can relax having your legs or arms exposed during the bath. If you are looking for size comparisons then soaking tubs are likely similar to things that are hot tubs and Jacuzzis for your comfort.

Comparison between the Garden vs Standard tub.

A garden bathtub is much wider and deeper than a standard bathtub due to its oval design. Garden tub is quite large but requiring a subsequent amount of space to accommodate it that many homes cannot handle it due to small size.

The overall wide design also limits to affix a shower on it like with other bathtubs do. The price for a garden tub compared to a standard bathtub is usually much higher than it. It varies roughly from $3000-5000. It is the cost without installation so installation charges make it high.

There are plastic garden tubs available also at a price of around $500-1,000. The material does not retain heat very well-considered less durable because of causing you more money for replacements in the long run.

Garden bathtubs make up for these negatives by having a more water capacity to seat and submerge a person completely. But it is more effective in providing a deeper soak compared to the normal bathtub on average. It does not have nearly a large water capacity for soaking.

It is mainly useful for medicinal soaks or therapeutic relaxation as it provides a good thoroughly relaxing environment as compared to a simple bathtub.


How big is a garden tub?

The standard garden tub is roughly 42 inches wide, 60 inches long and 24 inches deep. It is roughly the size of the standard oval of this kind of tub.

On the other end, they can get much larger with some bathtubs running as high as it may be 70 inches wide, 70 inches long, and with a water depth of 30 inches. Its size is quite similar to a jacuzzi, which is the basic version garden tub that is installed in jets.

What is Its need now?

The latest garden bathtubs are luxurious with most aficionados that not only qualify as one but meet many of the other requirements. The garden bathtubs are supposed to be for tranquil soaking and this reason, purists would argue that a hot tub with jets and bubbles is not a true garden bathtub.

Final Words on This Topic:

I hope now you get a clear idea on this topic. You should know the difference between a bathtub and this kind of tub. I hope now you can differentiate these two. Please share this post with those who want to know about this topic.

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