What is a Double-Hung Window?

Windows are the eye of your home. So why not make them a statement? A double-hung window is the best way to give your home a classic style statement. A renovation or new construction these windows will make a difference in how you live in your home.

What is a Double-Hung Window?

A double-hung window feature two operable sashes that move up and down for efficient ventilation. It has tracks for sashes to slide in which is built into the frame and are held in position by either springs, counterweights or friction.

They can be lowered from the top or raised from the bottom with sashes that tilt in for easy cleaning of inner and outer surfaces of the glass. The top sash of this window is narrower than the bottom sash and is known as a cottage window.Lowering the top sash allows heat to escape from a room. Also, if the window is positioned directly below the projecting eave, the top sash can be lowered during rainfall.

Let us discuss some of the advantages of having a double-hung window that will help you in deciding the correct window style for your home.


1. Ease of Cleaning

A contemporary double-hung window is made for ease of cleaning. Since both sashes can tilt in, it means you can easily clean the window from outside as well as from inside, making it hassle-free and eliminating the danger of climbing ladder or using long-handled tools. You can easily make your windows look clean and bright.

You can clean the exterior glass of the window quickly without stepping out of your home!

2. Energy Efficiency

Installing a double-hung window has many advantages when it comes to energy efficiency. These windows can reduce heating and cooling costs due to increased energy efficiency. 

Old windows are genetically inefficient because they were not designed with energy efficiency. Replacing old windows with a new double-hung window will reduce your HVAC expenses, energy loss and improve the comfort of your home.

3. Cooling Benefits

A double-hung window has an added advantage if you are planning to install a window AC unit. Since the sashes can move up and down, the air conditioner can be easily placed and installed in the window.

4. Ventilation


Because this window can move up and down, you need to put a screen on the window. Unlike casement or awning windows that open out, having a screen installed window allows you to let in the breeze in without insects or other debris.

5. Versatility

A double-hung window is one of the most versatile styles of the window, making it a popular choice for your window replacement. These windows are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, colors and materials, making it an excellent choice for your home or office. 

Window style is not only a reflection of your style but can improve the aesthetics of your home. A double-hung window is a perfect feature to let the light in and create a feeling of openness and can transform the overall feel of your home.

Happy Living!

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