What Are The Possibilities Of Bioceramic Domes In The World Of Architecture?

Homes are the safest places where a person can stay safe. But in the world of hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires, nothing is safe. Bioceramic domes are gaining popularity among buyers who are planning to have unique and more secure structures that can bear harsh weather conditions and natural disasters. They are much more energy-efficient and cost-effective at the same time. This article will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of this unique structure.

What is the Concept of Geodesic Domes?

Geoship, a California-based company, raised a fund worth $400,000 from 583 investors to investigate a new type of housing strategy that will be much more affordable and long-lasting. Buckminster Fuller, an architect and futurist first showed interest in making a geodesic dome. Bioceramic is the material that is used to coat knee and hip joint replacements. It is a unique type of chemically-bonded ceramic that contains stronger molecular bonds which are similar to the polymer. However, the investigation is going on and the future implementation needs to be done more effectively.

What Are the Advantages?

●  Resistance from harsh weather: Wind, snow, and several other harsh elements often cause severe damage to the regular building elements. But building a home in some shape with bioceramic elements can resist natural disasters. Bioceramic domes are effective in resisting different types of natural forces as they have lesser flat surfaces that prevent the wind from moving around a home.

●  Energy efficiency: This type of structure enhances more efficiency in air circulation and thereby maintaining the temperature throughout the home. The new buyers who are planning to invest in energy-efficient houses. These unique homes need very less artificial lighting since they are designed to use solar lighting.

●  Extremely hard: As per research, these geodesic domes are much superior as compared to square homes. They require fewer materials and so they are much lighter than the regular houses.

Things to Consider

●  After knowing the advantages, it is important to know the cons. However, the constructors may find the chimney placement to be hard to implement.

●  It will also be difficult to separate or create divisions in a dome structure.

●  All the furniture and appliances are designed to perfectly set a square home shape. It may be difficult to place them in a dome-shaped house.

●  It is quite challenging and time-consuming as compared to the regular houses. Despite all these challenges, architects are considering these to be highly effective and safe to deal with the nature harshness that often ruins human life.


This was all about the possibilities of bioceramic domes in the future world. Scientists and architects are considering all the possibilities and trying to reduce the challenges. It can be said that the areas that are regularly affected by hurricanes, and tornadoes can consider building their houses in this shape. They are highly resistant to harsh winds, snows, and storms. Always contact a knowledgeable builder for the proper construction of a geodesic dome.

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