What Are the Main Types of Kitchen Countertops?

In the 1960s, Formica was it. Granite went mainstream in the 1970s. By the 1980s tile took over, and solid surface was the darling of the 80s.

Every era has its favorite types of kitchen countertops. Today, granite is still a popular choice, but quartz offers some stiff competition.

Some countertop materials from the past are making a comeback. Granite is one. Here are the main things you’ll want to know when you’re in the process of choosing the best kitchen countertops.

Will the Real Granite Please Stand Up?

In luxury homes built during the 1920s, granite countertops were a top choice. Today, consumers still love granite, so much so that they often use the word to describe any natural stone countertops regardless of the materials used.

There is a difference! During the construction process for granite countertops, manufacturers use stone composites. They contain 20% quartz (at a minimum), mica, and feldspar.

Why are granite countertops so popular?

Homeowners have a range of opinions about why love granite, but these are the most popular:

  • Elegant material
  • Naturally stain and scratch-resistant
  • Handles heat well

No matter what style(s) you have in your home, granite can stand up to the impact of everyday life in a kitchen. Is granite the best countertop material?

Visit the flooring section of your local home improvement store and ask for a sample. It’s one way to get a feel for granite before installing it. 

Are Quartz Countertops Natural?

While they’re naturally stunning, quartz countertops are not made from natural stone slabs mined from the ground. Sometimes called engineered stone, quartz countertops are man-made. It’s similar to the relationship between engineered hardwood and solid hardwood floors.

For example, quartz countertops are are fabricated from ground quartz, resins, polymers, and pigments. You end up with a hard, durable and beautiful man-made countertop material . And it contains natural stone natural stone components.

Consumers who appreciate an endless array of colors available love quartz. 

The Endless Colors Available in Tile

Your grandmother, and even your mother, likely had tile in some part of their own home. Tile is versatile, durable, and inexpensive. Plus, it comes in nearly endless colors and patterns.

Did you know you can choose either ceramic, porcelain, or glass tile countertops? It’s not only that you have a choice of materials, but tile tends to cost less.

Price is one of the most common reasons people decide on tile, but it’s not always about the money.

With its numerous options for color and patterns, you can find almost endless kitchen countertop ideas using tile . Tile is also heat and stain-resistant and doesn’t encourage mold growth. 

Solid Surface Countertops Make a Comeback

Consumers fell in love with solid surface countertops back in the 1990s. Black was a favorite color, and created a bold, elegant look.

If you like durability, a variety of styles and colors, and a cost savings compared to the other types of countertop materials available today, choose one of the chic solid surface countertop styles.

Excited About the Different Types of Kitchen Countertops?

With so many choices in countertop materials, choosing the home countertops for your home should be fun. We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the different types of kitchen countertops, and feel inspired to start your next project.

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