Top Pickup Truck Accessories that Help with Moving

So you’re planning a move? Moving to a new living space or a new area is an exciting start to a new chapter in your life but it’s not without its downsides. The process of moving is often listed as one of the most stressful events a person can go through. Whether the process stresses you out or not, you have to admit it’s an enormous amount of work. But there are items you can combine with your personal truck to make the hard work a lot easier.

When you drive a pickup truck there are items that can help you have a more pleasant moving experience. Even if you plan on hiring movers, most people find themselves doing at least a handful of trips from the old place to the new place before it’s all said and done. Keeping your truck clean and hauling those last few items can be easier with a few key items.

Pickup Truck Accessories that are Helpful for Moving

1. Trailer Hitch

A trailer hitch will greatly expand the utility of your truck. Most trailer hitches are custom-made to install on the factory frame of your pickup so you can really trust the strength of them. Once your hitch is installed you’ll be able to haul trailers or exterior cargo carriers or even other vehicles. 

2. Cargo Ramps

You’ll realize after loading and unloading your truck over and over again that it’s really a shame your bed isn’t lower to the ground. Carrying things to and from your pickup isn’t so bad, it’s the lifting in and out that will catch up to you. With truck ramps you can roll your dolly right up into your bed saving tons of time and energy.

3. Floor Mats

With all the back and forth that accompanies any move, you’re bound to track dirt and debris all over the floors of your vehicle. But with a custom set of floor mats in place, you can catch everything from mud on your boots to a spilled cup of coffee. The last thing you want at the end of a long and tiring move is a dirty vehicle interior.

4. Nerf Bars

You might think you’re getting older when you can feel it in your knees the day after a move, but the truth is all that in and out of your cab could make anyone’s knees sore. To get an easier entrance into your cab, a set of nerf bars will provide comfortable step-in for you and your passengers. During a long move, it can make all the difference.

5. Tonneau Covers

Moving all of your Earthly possessions can be nerve-wracking for a lot of reasons. At some point you’ll most likely find yourself forced to leave your truck unattended with a bed full of your belongings. If you have a sturdy tonneau cover and a locking tailgate, you can keep your payload completely secure even when unattended.

Outfitting your pickup truck to be the perfect mover won’t just benefit you during your move, it will benefit you for the entire lifetime of your truck. A tonneau cover will always come in handy and can boost your fuel efficiency, and you’ll always be glad you have nerfed bars especially when a stray shopping cart slams into them and doesn’t leave a scratch!  

Sudarsan Chakraborty
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