Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Brick Paver Driveway

There are many reasons why brick paver driveways are so popular — and it’s not because that’s one of the first pictures that come to mind when people think “driveway”.

It’s because brick paver driveways are reliable, made of quality materials, and look great.

Brick paver driveways are tried and true driveway designs. Better yet, industry experts have also figured out how to cut its costs too.

So keep reading for the top 5 reasons to consider a brick paver driveway. We’ll help you realize that you have quite a few reasons to install one.

1. Quick Installation Process

A brick paver installation takes about a week at most. Other driveway design ideas may take much longer than that. This means that you won’t have to struggle for parking for too long before your new driveway is usable.

You can also use your brick driveway almost immediately after construction is completed. Quicker installation processes also reduce the cost of your brick paver driveway. You won’t have to pay for more working time or machine operational costs.

2. Low Maintenance

It’s important to maintain your brick driveway entrance after it’s built. Luckily, brick paver driveways only need to be washed once or twice a year with a pressure washer. After washing, the paver joints need to be packed/mortared/etc.

The materials involved in your driveway’s maintenance are not very expensive. This all leads to low brick driveway cost, making brick driveways a stellar financial choice.

3. Durability

No matter what brick driveway ideas you choose from, the material will always be ultra-durable. Professional repairs and replacements are also easy and fairly cheap.

But, pavers generally last for half to a full century, so you won’t need those repairs much. So if you commit to brick paver installation, you’re investing in a lifespan rivaling yours. Quality brick paver installation from a company like Pavers Plus, LLC will ensure that much.

4. Slip Resistance

Brick’s naturally abrasive texture prevents people from slipping on it. Using brick for your driveway is a great choice if you’re invested in the safety of your home’s residents.

If you’ve got kids, then brick can prevent falling accidents with less slipping. Slip resistance is also important if you’re taking your car out on a rainy day.

5. Customization

Brick paver driveways are very functional. So, you probably think that it must cheap out on looks for practicality.

But, you can still customize your driveway’s design to your tastes. Brick looks better than concrete and can look quite homely or sleek, depending on the design you choose. Even if you’re going for a luxurious aesthetic appeal, a brick paver driveway can enhance it, not hurt it.

Your Next Perfect Driveway Is a Brick Paver Driveway

Not only is a brick paver driveway a sturdy investment, but it also looks great and is very safe. It’s a great option for many properties, from a family-friendly residence or a luxurious estate.

If this guide pointed you in the right, brick-laden direction, then check out the rest of our site! We’ve got plenty of other information for passionate homeowners like you.

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