This Is How to Declutter a Bedroom the Right Way

Did you know that living with clutter can affect your health in many ways?

Clutter adds stress and can be a source of anxiety when you don’t deal with it appropriately. It can also prove damaging to your physical and mental health, leaving you unable to focus.

One of the areas where this can affect you the most is in your bedroom. Clearing up the clutter in your bedroom can prove therapeutic. It allows you to sleep peacefully and can even increase your productivity.

Today, we look at how to declutter a bedroom with some tips and suggestions. Read on to learn how to get rid of clutter and create a spacious, organized bedroom.

Go for a Full Declutter Sweep

A full sweep of your bedroom can be a major task when getting rid of clutter. One of the surefire ways of eliminating clutter is by checking every nook and cranny for items. Once you do that, you can take these items and choose to either trash them or give them away.

Going for periodic cleaning can help you declutter your bedroom. It lets you find trash that is within hiding spots and get items out of the way. Check everything from your nightstand to your shelves and closets. 

For the sweep, this can vary on how long you should do this and how frequent. You can go for a 30-minute sweep to remove clutter present within sight. You can do this in either 10-minute sessions with rests in between or a full 30. 

Longer sessions would result in you emptying your room and rearranging it. However, this would be a more dedicated task and may require more time to execute.

Clear Out Flat Surfaces

Whenever possible, remove items sitting on flat surfaces. Whether these be your nightstand, side table, or dresser top. Remember the following when choosing to leave some items in your room:

  • It should be something you use every day
  • Contributes to a relaxing space
  • The item belongs to the bedroom

If the item goes with these three conditions, then you may keep the item. Otherwise, you need to get rid of them and place them in a different location or dispose of them. It may sound simple, but it can help you clean up your flat surfaces.


Take Out What You Don’t Love

If you recall the question “does this spark joy?” then you would know the principle of this step. Taking off the items that you don’t need and love can help you declutter your room. This somehow sparks the thought process behind minimalism.

Despite the memetic status of the question, the idea has its merit in clearing up what you don’t need. Removing the excess items can help you lighten the load. However, it does not have to be a drastic motion of removing items all at once.

Consider taking items bit by bit if it seems too much to let go of. You can give away the ones that you don’t need by having them donated or sold. This can also help in freeing up space while providing you a source of income and a feeling of elation.

So, if you encounter sentimental items that you may need to let go of, take your time. 

Clear Out the Hidden Spots

During your sweep, you would notice hidden spots where items and trash can pile up. These sources of clutter can hide away and may provide a source of unease. For instance, you may have tables with narrow aisles that can hide loose wires and fallen papers.

Another notorious area would be the spot under the bed. You might end up having missing slippers or shoes in that space. The odd case of a pen rolling under it or a sock can prove to be a pain as well.

Wall beds are a boon for such a situation. With how you can lift it, it becomes easier to clean up whichever items hide under the bed.

Group Like Things Together

One of the key strategies to an organized bedroom is to group similar items. Categorize your items accordingly and have them placed on one spot. This allows for easier organization and sorting.

For instance, have all your books placed together on one spot. Then, you can have your office supplies in a different spot. This helps you organize your items in an orderly manner without much stress.

This also applies to dressers, drawers, and closets. A good way to organize is to label certain dressers for either clothes, school items, papers, and so on. Creating a systemized storage system will help clear up your mind as the process can be a means to de-stress.

Furniture with Storage Can Help in Tidying

Furniture with multi-purpose functions can help in decluttering your room. One of the notable items would be chairs and tables with storage compartments. You can choose to have these compartments as part of the design or as separatable storage. 

This can let you store up grouped up items, such as unused books or other sorts of supplies. Another great way to make a more spacious bedroom is by using collapsible furniture. You would see this in action for tables and chairs that can turn into smaller sizes when needed.

A great application of this would be a murphy bed with desk. This is a type of bed you can stow away when you need a wider space to work.

Learn How to Declutter a Bedroom Today

Now that you know how to declutter a bedroom, it’s time to start organizing your belongings. You will find yourself in a clean bedroom with everything you love in its rightful places. This helps calm your mind and helps improve your health.

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