The Most Reliable Electric Power Tools

Power tools, especially electric ones, have revolutionized the way work is done. Projects that used to take weeks are now done in a matter of hours due to high powered tools such as drills and electric saws. With electric power tools, you eliminate the need for workforce and exposure related to handheld tools. These tools get the job done quickly, consistently, and accurately, allowing users to focus on other essential tasks. Power tools eliminate the fears and worries about the effectiveness of your tools. Whether you are cutting wood, drilling holes, joining boards, or driving screws, power tools allow you to get the job done quicker than ever. 

There exist different types of electric power tools. This article discusses them, describing what each one of them does.

Cordless Drills

Whether you are a mechanic, a professional tradesman, or a do-it-yourselfer, a cordless drill is one of the most important tools to have in your toolbox. Given the fact that it has a wide range of uses, a cordless drill is highly versatile. These tools date back to centuries ago, with a study showing that ancient Egyptians developed them. The first power drill was invented in the 19th century, making it one of the first tools to use electricity. Your local hardware store like Mississauga Hardware has a wide range of these tools and any other accessories needed to make its operations easier. 

Circular Saws

It is a standard tool that was invented by Edmond Michael back in 1923. Since then, it has used a worm gear to accelerate motors. Edmond started a company known as Skilsaw Inc, owned and operated by Bosch with this great invention. Four years later, in 1928, Art Emmons invented a sidewinder-type saw that is in use today. The modern saw drives the blade directly, somewhat indirectly like it used to be with worm gears. Given its efficiency, this power tool can carry out any task. Whether you are cutting masonry, wood, metal, or plastics, you won’t miss out on a circular saw designed for it. 

Angle and Specialty Grinders

At Mississauga Hardware, you will have access to a wide range of angle grinders from established manufacturers like Makita, Fein, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Metabo, among others. These are powerful tools with motor speeds from 6000 to 11000 RMP and disc capabilities ranging from 4″ to 7″. You can be sure of a high-quality grinder that meets your needs. These angle grinders will polish and grind any material you have, regardless of size or material.

Auto-feed Screwguns

If you are involved in a remodeling or new construction project, an auto-feed screwgun will be of much help to you. They are mostly used for decking or drywall installation since it speeds up the installation process by automating feeding new screws into the gun. 

Portable Band Saws

Also referred to as porta-band saws, these tools are one of the most versatile saws available today. Portable band saws can be used to make perpendicular cuts in most metals and woods. They continuously spin, helping you create reliable and consistent cuts, reducing the odds of experiencing wear and tear in a specific blade area. In previous years, band saws were not portable and only found in large workshops and sawmills. Today, there is a wide range of lightweight and mobile sawmill models that can be carried easily. 


Chop Saws

If you want to cut hardened materials like masonry or metal, a chop saw will come in handy. In the beginning, chop saws were so large that cutting was only restricted to workshops and warehouses. Today, you can access them in different portable models, allowing you to carry out duties from the job site. Also known as a cut-off saw or a cut saw, this tool works by a cutting action implemented by blades. This is where the name abrasive saw originated. The power tool comes with built-in clamps to keep the material steady as you cut; they also come with multipurpose blades. With this tool, you can make precise cuts and speed up your building process. 

Demolition Hammers

When breaking up slabs of asphalt, concrete, or any other stone-based material, you will need a demolition hammer. These tools operate using a rare hammer hitting the bit, with a spring mechanism returning the bit into a hitting position. Demolition hammers tend to produce excessive noise and vibrations, but you can comfortably use them with the new technology. With them, productivity will be high. You can find the latest version of demolition hammers cat Mississauga Hardware, an authorized internet retailer.

Die Grinders & Straight Grinders

These are some of the essential tools in any collection. As much as you might think there is no use for it, you will be accustomed to it once you get one. If you are looking to buy a die grinder, you should always consider the RPM rating. It would be best to go for a grinder that spins lower than 10000 RPM for finishing work and fine grinding. On the other hand, if you want to do minor buffing projects and rougher grinding, go for grinders that rotate between 10000 to 20000 RPM. For cutting metal and removing burrs, use a grinder rated over 20000 RPM. 

Screw guns| Drywall Screwdrivers

For many years, hanging drywall has been a task regarded as sophisticated and labor-intensive, with a lot of experience needed to do it. With electric screwdrivers, however, it is easier to get the job done. It is simpler than using hammers, nails, and fastening drywalls. The electric screwdriver creates a more robust and firm bond. In shape, the drywall screwdriver almost resembles a regular drill, but it has a nose instead of a chuck. The nose is adjustable, allowing you to get the screw into the frame at the required depth. This not only makes the job more comfortable but also increases productivity and efficiency.

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