The Main Types of Kitchen Cabinets for Your Home

The average American spends 37 minutes in the kitchen, prepping food and cleaning up every day. For most people, the kitchen is a sacred space where food preparation for the entire family occurs. Spending that much time in the kitchen also means that you need to choose a design that’s functional and attractive. 

Kitchen cabinets are among the accessories in a kitchen that make all the difference. Are you keen on making the most out of your cooking space? Then understanding the types of kitchen cabinets is the first most crucial step. 

Are you eager to find kitchen cabinet options to spruce up your kitchenette and upgrade it to current standards? Here, we let you in on the best kitchen cabinets to transform your house.

The Shaker 

More people are now keen on modern kitchen designs and models.

Most modern homes adopt the shaker-style when designing kitchen cabinets. The design of the shaker style comprises five pieces of flat panels. Four out of the five blocks make up the frame, with a flat center panel. 

The shaker type of kitchen cabinet is popular considering that it’s not only classic but simplistic. Whether yours is a traditional or contemporary design, the shaker presents some trademark features to the kitchen. First, this kind of kitchen cabinet is notably budget-friendly. 

When assessing the types of kitchen cabinets to consider for your house, shaker-style cabinets offer a wide range of color options. This means that you have a broad range of choices to work with for your kitchen. 

Shaker cabinets also offer a timeless look and can help make your kitchen clean and modern.

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Inset Kitchen Cabinets

The inset style involves a unique setup of kitchen cabinets where the frame is set inside instead of the traditional out-and-out layout. The inset kitchen design thrives on the use of precise measurements that ensure everything is in line. 

The wood used in the inset-style of kitchen design must sit inside the frame. This helps make the process of opening and closing easy. 

Inset cabinets are also safe, considering the protective layer within the cabinetry when closed. Inset cabinets offer a smooth and custom appearance compared to other options, something that’s often missing in other designs. 


Flat-Panel Kitchen Cabinets

The flat-panel cabinets, also known as the slab cabinets, exemplify simplicity and style. One of the reasons to consider this option is that it lacks any excessive detail. This style is perfect for anyone seeking a blend of contemporary and minimalist kitchens. 

The slab doors in most flat-panel cabinets don’t have frames. These cabinets are flat as solid slabs. The flat panels are the easiest to keep clean, given their straightforward design. 

Flat-panel kitchen cabinets made from veneers have a uniquely sleek and modern design. However, these cabinets are susceptible to possible wipe-off of the drips. This is because the design lacks grooving and embellishments. 

One major problem with slab cabinets is that it’s hard to find any design made from solid wood. As such, it might be hard for you to determine the quality. 

Glass Front Kitchen Cabinets

Not all kitchen cabinets come from solid wood. Some kitchen cabinets come with a unique integration of wood. If you are a lover of unique designs, you’ll fancy the glass front cabinets’ structure. 

The glass cabinets only have a wooden frame and expansive glass panels. One of the benefits of this option is introducing an illusion of depth in the Kitchen. Glass panel cabinets can add light to your kitchen, something that brightens up the room.

If you have a small kitchen space, opting for these kitchen cabinets is a well-thought-out option. This is because the illusion of depth helps make the room look bigger and brighter. 

One of the main disadvantages of glass cabinets is the risk of getting smudged. Also, unless you can ensure the utmost cleanliness on the inside, these cabinets may not make your kitchen look as presentable. 

Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Most lovers of antique styles and designs find distressed kitchen cabinets to be a perfect solution. If you prefer a distressed cabinet with drawers, then you must like the unique antique look that comes with such kitchen cabinet options. 

The cabinets combine a wide range of distressed techniques, making your kitchen a fascinating space.

Not everyone appreciates the antique look in distressed cabinets. However, for the lovers of that rustic outcome in these designs, these distressed cabinets are the real deal. 

Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to your turn to choose kitchen cabinets, you must consider the durability factor. The thermofoil kitchen cabinets comprise medium-density fiberboards or MDFs, which have high durability. The design uses a plastic coating made through intense heating, which is then sealed to build the drawers. 

Thermofoil cabinets are easy to care for and maintain. However, one fault is that they have poor heat resistance capability.

Louvered Kitchen Cabinets

The louvered kitchen cabinets come with horizontal wooden slats, which enhance ventilation. The space between each slab allows for the circulation of air at all times. If you are keen to achieve a unique design, then these kitchen cabinet types are your best bet. 

Louvered cabinets are a perfect option for pantry spaces where you want something a little different. The design is also a great idea for homeowners who delight in fancy interior designs.

These Types of Kitchen Cabinets Are a Must Have

Today, more homeowners appreciate the need to have unique kitchen cabinet options when building their homes. Whether you are building your house from scratch or renovating, these types of kitchen cabinets should be at the top of your list. 

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