The Main Types of Interior Doors for Your House

Though picking outdoors for the interior of your home may not be the most exciting part of designing your home, the doors you install in your home can affect the overall feel and look of your house.

While it seems there are not many types of interior doors to choose from, there is plenty of variety out there! From chic to rustic, there is something for every aesthetic.

Keep reading to find out some of the most popular options and what to consider when choosing doors for your home.

Traditional Hinged Doors

While this may seem like a no-brainer, a traditional hinged door is a staple for a reason! You likely have these doors on most of the entrances to rooms in your house. 

These doors typically sit on two hinges and open in one direction. Though basic, you can play around with the actual design of the door. From flat wood to a recessed panel design, this simple design works with every aesthetic.

Butler Doors

Popular in kitchens in pantries, butler doors add a unique element to your home! These doors have a special hinge that allows them to swing in both directions before returning to a closed position. 

These doors are great for kitchens as they don’t latch shut, which makes carrying food and plates a breeze. No hands are required to use this door! Be sure to check out more on butler doors for your home.

Barn Doors

Are you looking for a great way to incorporate a rustic feel into your home? Look no further than barn-style doors! Country-chic is a huge trend right now, and these are the best interior doors for that style.

These modern residential interior doors draw inspiration from country barns. They sit on a track and slide back and forth to open and close. Similarly, you can place two doors on the track to offer a wide opening.

French Door

Want a way to make your home look classic and chic? French doors are the way to go. Whether you use them to accent a formal dining room or use them to lead to an outdoor space, these doors are great home interior doors.

These work similarly to traditional hinged doors, but both meet in the middle to open outward, providing a large, spacious doorway. These doors are glass-paneled, which makes your space look sleek and elegant.

Make Your Home Amazing With Different Types of Interior Doors

When designing your home, be sure to consider all of your options when choosing doors. Don’t forget to take price, installation, and functionality into consideration as well.

Similarly, be sure to consider which doors are installed where. Butler doors may not be the best option for your bathroom door as they don’t lock, but they work great for kitchens and dining rooms!

If you found this guide to the types of interior doors you can choose for your house helpful, be sure to check out the rest of our website for more great home and design content.

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