The First Things That You Should Do When You Move Into A New Home

Finding a new home and moving in is always such a long, emotional experience that most of us just want to collapse and do nothing for the first few weeks after the move. That seems especially true right now when everything is so stressful and uncertain, and with the housing market as hard as it is right now. Finding that place where you want to live and actually getting it feels like a big enough achievement. However, we all know that a move doesn’t end with you getting the keys and getting all the boxes out of the moving van.

If you want to make sure that you get set up and running in your new home as quickly as you can, then there are a few things that you should do to ensure you can be happy and healthy. Now, some of these should have been done before you moved in, and some can wait until a little later, but each of these steps is an essential part of you settling into your new place and starting a new chapter.

Make Sure That You Are Paying The Right Bills

Before you move, you need to notify the energy companies when you will be moving into your new residence. Make sure that you get the dates right so that you don’t end up paying for anything that the previous occupant used. With everyone working from home right now, you will also want to make sure that you get your internet set up as soon after your move-in date as you can, so get this booked in ahead of time.

Give Yourself Time To Do A Proper Walk Through

Often when you are looking around a home prior to moving in, you’re never really getting the full experience. Often, you are accompanied by an estate agent or realtor who is doing their absolute best to make sure you see everything in the best possible light and keep you from noticing any flaws. What’s more, even if the previous resident isn’t actually there themselves, then their possessions will be. The first walkthrough after the move will be the first time you really see it as the blank slate from which you’ll make it your own. If you can give yourself time to do this before you unpack, you may realize that your original plan for what goes where, not to mention which room will serve which function, may need to be changed.

Check The Bathroom

Generally speaking, when we look around the home before we move in, we are looking at and for very specific things. We are worried about space, we are wondering if it gets enough light, and we’re looking for classic warning signs like cold or dampness. But some rooms hide their problems better than others, and it is always worth giving these a good look as early as you can.


The bathroom is the best example. Check your showerhead to see if there is any limescale build-up that could create water pressure issues. Give the walls and surfaces a proper look to see if there are any mold patches or obvious problem areas. You should also check to see if the sinkholes are draining properly. This is the perfect time to think about installing preventative measures to catch problems before they arise. A tub hair catcher will make sure that things are not getting clogged, and they can be cleaned and maintained with ease. The Shroom Company’s Sink Shroom comes in several different colors and can match the aesthetics of your bathroom flawlessly.

Think Green Where You Can

These days, we all need to be thinking about the steps that we can take to cut down on our carbon footprint. With each new month seeming to bring yet another report of how urgent the climate crisis is becoming, ensuring that your home is optimized for environmental responsibility is more crucial than ever.

With that in mind, there are several different steps that you can take. Energy efficient lightbulbs might not seem like they would make a huge impact, but every little helps. Low-flow options for your toilet cistern will cut down on your water usage. Check the insulation in your home to ensure that you are creating as little waste energy as you can. If you need to buy big new appliances, make sure that you buy machines with a good energy rating. Finally, think about whether you could install some solar panels.

It’s Time To Do A Deep Clean

It doesn’t exactly seem fair, when you have done the final big clean of your old home and brought everything that you own over in boxes and suitcases, to get the gloves on again. However, especially right now, you are going to want to know that every trace of the dirt from the previous owners has been cleaned away.


Make sure that you get into all the nooks and crannies of each room. Remember that one of the best ways to make a home your own is to know that you are removing as many traces of the people who came before you as you can. We mentioned the bathroom already, but the kitchen should also be high on your priority list. How many times have you opened the oven in a new home only to discover that it holds the crusted dirt of a thousand dinners gone before? Did the previous occupants ever clean the extractor fan over the stove? And if there are any horrible surprises under or behind the refrigerator, then you are going to want to know about those sooner rather than later. If it turns out that the previous owners left a horrible mess, then don’t be afraid to call professional cleaners in.

Do A Safety Check

Some people feel more strongly about this than others, but it is always important to make sure that you have taken all the steps you need to in order to feel safe in your new home. If you have bought the property, then think about whether you want to install new locks. Are the windows secure? Do you need to install a security system? If you are renting and the home comes with a system installed, then talk to your landlord to see if you can change the security key. If you have a small child, then we don’t need to tell you that you need to put child locks on the cupboards and gates at the top of the stairs as soon as possible to keep them from hurting themselves.

Say Hello To The Neighbors

Now, this is an optional point but if you feel comfortable getting out there and saying hello to your neighbours, then it is always worthwhile. Establishing a relationship early on will make it a lot easier if you either need to ask them for a favour in future, or you need to ask them to turn the music down! Having a good relationship with them will also help to keep your property more secure, as they will know if anyone hanging around doesn’t belong there, and they can be relied on to check on any issues if you are away for any length of time.

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