The Common Types of Decks for Your Home

People have a lot of love for their decks. They provide a cozy, attractive place to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. They also add a distinctive flair to your home; decks come in different looks to suit varying homes.

You spend a lot of time on your deck, especially when the weather warms up. As such, you want a deck that will enhance the design of your house. To do this, you need to know about the different types of decks. 

If you don’t know anything about the types of decks, have no fear! In this article, we’ll break down some common decking options for your home.

Types of Decks: Wraparound Decks

This home decking style is similar to a classic wraparound porch. In many cases, people build these decks in an elevated style. These wraparound decks have the option of being more uneven than a porch as well. 

The most common form of an uneven deck is shaping part of it to resemble a living room.

This style gives you the advantage of having a spacious sitting area outdoors, which is excellent for summertime. This style of deck works particularly well for vacation homes, like beach houses or mountain cabins.


Multi-Tier Deck

Multi-tier decks can be one of the most beautiful decking options out there. These decks are more typical for homes in tricky terrains, such as hilly or rocky areas. 

Typically, these decks start from the home and descend a level, which you access through a small set of steps. If you choose the right decking materials, you can make this deck absolutely stunning. 

The design of the deck can also accommodate several different additions. For instance, your bottom level can include potted plants and flowers to make a deck garden. Your top tier can feature a lot more porch-style furniture, overlooking the garden for a spectacular view.

Multi-tier decks are a little more prone to damage or weathering, simply because of their size. You can prepare for these issues by doing some deck restoration research. 

Attached and Detached Decks

These two styles of decks have several different options and advantages. An attached deck is the sort you usually see for a pool area. It’s similar to a patio, but it’s made of wood and usually has an L-shape.

If you have an in-ground pool, this deck is a perfect choice to complement it. It makes for a stylish, LA kind of outdoor area that’s excellent for whiling away your summer.

Detached decks resemble an island, and you can build them anywhere on your property. Like multi-tiered decks, they work well on hilly, rocky, or otherwise uneven terrain.

When you do this deck installation, you can structure them to incorporate the broader landscape. When designed well, these decks can capture the beauty and calm of a Zen garden. 

Discover More

As you can see, there are many types of decks to choose from. However, choosing the proper deck for your home can do wonders for enhancing its look.

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