The 3 Common Types of Demolishing Equipment Used in Construction Sites

The three most commonly used types of demolition equipment in construction sites include hydraulic excavators, bucket excavators, and earthmovers. Hydraulic excavators are more popular due to the higher productivity of the machine. Earthmovers and bucket excavators are used in areas where soil conditions like soft soil or tough rock strata require extra resistance. As a result, it is important to understand hydraulic hose supplies the types of demolition equipment that we will be dealing with when we step into a construction site, and knowing what they do and how to operate them is equally important.

Even though numerous types of demolition equipment are used to demolish structures, the three common types are hydraulic excavator, hydraulic breaker, and wrecking ball.


Hydraulic Breakers

A hydraulic breaker is a type of excavator with great impact force and is designed to dig through hard materials such as concrete and rock. Hydraulic breakers are used by mining experts in various mines where regular steel hammers fail to penetrate the hard rocks. Some of these machines have a digging force of 210 tons, which prepares a trench and brings out the hard rock in a single hit.                   

These machines are fitted with steel hammers that are capable of breaking even the toughest of stones. The hydraulic breakers use powerful hydraulics to deliver higher impact energy on their intended target. They are known to be more expensive than their mechanical counterparts, but they are efficient and convenient. This is because of efficient processes, which result in minimum waste of time and resources.  

Wrecking Balls

Wrecking balls are devices that are used to demolish or tear down buildings. They are suspended from the end of a crane that is attached to a vehicle. Wrecking balls are similar to wrecking bars but are more compact. This allows the larger wrecking ball to have more momentum when hitting the structure. This helps with breaking through walls instead of just denting them. Wrecking ball demolitions are heavy-duty sorts, but they can completely demolish structures faster than any other technique. Wrecking balls are often coupled with downward charges, with explosives being used to shatter concrete structures deeper into the ground.


Large buildings and those made of concrete or bricks might not be so easy to demolish. The company would have no choice but to hire a wrecking ball service to determine the best way of demolishing such structures.

Hydraulic Shears and Rock Breakers

Hydraulic shears and rock breakers are created to easily cut through rocks, woods, concrete, and metals. They are also equipped with excavator machines that look like a type of claws onto it. These equipment are considered very important tools in the structure of construction sites. This is because it can help contractors move around their equipment or materials from one place to another. Even if these machines have high costs, their efficiency and design already prove their worth.

Using rock breakers and hydraulic shears with an excavator machine is a good option when you want to break down concrete, rocks, or other material with a strong bulk density.

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