Small Kitchen Table Ideas for Your Home

In every house, the kitchen is very important, no matter how small or cramped. There must be space for having a cup of coffee or lunch and dinner. If you have a small kitchen and you think that you can only stand over the sink and cook your meal there then think again. There are many ways to add a small kitchen table in the slimmest spaces. 

If you have a small kitchen, there are few things which you should consider; adaptability, height, and shape. Hence, choose that kind of dining table and chairs that will make the most of your small space. 

Choosing the right table for your small kitchen is not a very difficult task. You can go for folding tables that disappear between walls and when the time to having a meal that can convert into a compact dining area.

We have gathered some small kitchen table idea to help you. That could make your tiny space into a dining table to enjoy your meals in the comfort of your kitchen. 

There Are Many Small Kitchen Table Ideas For Your Home, Have A Look;

Small Kitchen Table With Bench


This dining area could be small but not short on style. For this, you need a rectangular table with a bench for seating. This idea exhibits a soothing atmosphere and binds the room. 

With a bench, you can also arrange some chairs around the table. This sitting arrangement will provide plenty of seating. This table and stool can slide out for meals when you need extra space and after that, you can tuck back it when it not in use. 

Make a Corner For Dining 


In this idea, you can transform an unused corner into a cosy dining nook. You can set up built-in seating or can use benches there. Try to use every square inch of your free space. You can make this setup on the empty wall of your kitchen. This type of idea will hug the wall and you can use that as a small kitchen table idea for your home. 

The rectangular pedestal table could be crafted from marble, wood, or steel. Mostly a corner would be unused, however, convert it into a comfy dining room. This compact dining nook would be a perfect spot to start your day with a cup of coffee or tea. 

Add A Ledge

This is a perfect small kitchen table idea for your home. You just need a piece of wood and a few sturdy l-brackets. By this, you can make a slender dining space in your home. Install that wooden piece on an empty wall or in front of the window near the kitchen. The window allows the natural air and light in that space

Complete that with the stools. You can choose high stools or a small one as per your choice or space. When not in use, tuck them neatly under it. Also, can keep flowers in a vase or potted plants on the ledge. 

Round Coffee Table


For this setup you just need a small round shape table and a couple of chairs. This could be a classic setup for your small kitchen table idea. This setup would give you a feel of sidewalk cafes. Choose a small table and chairs for this idea to keep the dining space from feeling crowded. 

A dark wood color round table will look nice in the kitchen and that will evoke the feeling of togetherness of family. It will create a homey atmosphere in your dining area. The chairs can be slid under the table’s edge when not in use. 

Tiny Home Dining Table

In this concept, the kitchen will work in both ways for you. You can make two tier kitchen islands for this idea. The higher bar would work as a dining table and the lower bar will work for cooking. You can use the open counter of your kitchen for this small kitchen idea. 

Place some chairs under the counter. Also, could keep their indoor mini plants on the countertop for fresh air breath. 

Folding Dining Table


This would be a great idea for your small kitchen table. The folding dining table easily folds up and will generate a chic dining nook in your home. It will work in a double way for you, you can also use it as your office desk. The stackable wooden chairs can be stored away when not in use. 

Folding dining table and folding chairs spark up an intimate mealtime chit-chat. You can paint behind a wall in a light color to give contrast. if you will choose a wooden table in dark color for that. 

Murphy Dining Table

Nowadays, apartment builders generally utilize their space by making murphy beds. So, murphy style dining table will give the same purpose. Just mount it on the wall for your small kitchen table idea. The murphy kitchen table is made of wooden boards, it will make your space beautiful and spacious. 


When you pull the table down, you can use the inside space too to keep your things. You can make shelves inside of it. That is a perfect place for keeping the storage jars and eating utensils there. 

Small Kitchen Table With Some Storage

This type of dining idea is outfitted with contemporary table and ottomans. This is a space-saving design. These all set up will made of wood. Ottomans will offer you some additional storage to keep your belongings inside it. This setup will keep your dining space cluttered. 


You can make cushions seat on the top of the ottomans for comfortable sitting. It is reasonably comfortable with solid seating and a table for your small space. It will accommodate 4 people in a space-saving style. Can keep it against the wall or can place it in the middle of a small dining area.  

Space-Saving Dining Table

If you have small space in your kitchen then you would want to conserve space there. So, a drop-leaf table is such a nice idea in that way. You can raise or lower its sides according to your need. The drop-leaf kitchen table comes in a round design mostly. It will give you space a warm and beautiful look undoubtedly. 

Dining Table For Small Kitchen That Expends

If you are a party lover and regularly host parties in your kitchen then this idea is for you. You can buy a wood dining table that can be extended when you have a guest. Otherwise, you can make it smaller to save your space in routine life. Wooden chairs accompany the table. 

Very Small Kitchen Table

When you have a very small kitchen then you will love this idea. You can install a hideaway table in your kitchen. This piece can slide out for the meals or when you need extra space for food preparations. After that, you can tuck back it in when not in use. 

Small Dining Table With Storage

If you are looking to add some storage place then this dining table is for you. In this idea, you could use one side of your table as a storage place. And tuck this against a wall. Make some shelves in between the leg of your dining table on the other side and then you can keep in that your kitchen’s utensils, jars, or napkins. But that side of the table you cannot use for sitting. But still, you have enough space for sitting around the table. 

This will work perfectly taking up a few square feet at most. Ideal for small apartments when you want a small dining area on your kitchen side. 

Round Dining Table 


A round dining table is another excellent idea for a small kitchen. You can place as many chairs around the round table as per your guest because there are no corner legs to get in the way. You could make it as a folded table. When you do not need it just fold it and keep this aside in any corner of your house or kitchen. 

From modern styles to traditional wood centre tables, round tables can fit any kitchen design. 

Folded Dining Table

Some small kitchen island has built-in shelves for keeping the things like dishes, jars, or wine glasses. These types of kitchens are perfect for tiny dining areas. If you are extremely short on space then you can buy those tables that fold down completely.

You can store them in the closet or under a bed when they are not in use and can pull them out when your guest arrives. With these types of table, you can buy collapsible chairs for seating. They are sturdy when you sit on them, so don’t worry. 

Let Your Kitchen Island Do Double Duty

If you don’t have a kitchen table then choose a piece that can work as both. Your kitchen’s island can do work for you as a dining table too. Just keep some stools there for making there an instant dining area. 

These are some small kitchen table ideas for your home. Hoping it would be helpful for you!!

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