Outdoor Oasis: 4 Fabulous Yard Makeover Ideas

Spring is here, it’s almost summer. Time to spruce up your backyard. But what are the newest and coolest backyard decor ideas?

A yard makeover doesn’t have to be costly or extensive. We have the top four ways to give your yard the update that it desperately needs. 

Continue reading for our favorite backyard ideas.

Furniture Upgrade

Toss that patio set to the side. Outdoor sectionals are all the rage. Add a propane fireplace to kick it up a notch. 

Check out this awesome one from target. A new patio set will bring comfort, charm, and functionality to any outdoor space. You can even shop second-hand and find pieces that just need a little TLC to modernize your patio area.

Tables and chairs are no longer the go-to patio furniture. Couches, sectionals, and other outdoor furniture that allows for more relaxation and socialization are more popular and prominent this year. 

Create seating for a crowd for ideal entertaining. Make it comfortable so your guests want to stay awhile. Umbrellas and pergolas offer shade for hot days and enhance your space for the ultimate hang-out area. 

Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is convenient and eco-friendly. From floodlights to accent lights, you can brighten up your evenings with simple updates. 

You can find stake lighting at most big box stores, or shop around for decorative lighting. 

Pathway lighting and overhead lighting are only the beginning. You can find fairy lights and other string lighting that is solar-powered online and at most stores in their outdoor section. 

Being eco-friendly as well as updating your outdoor area will have a positive effect on the environment and your electric bill!

Outdoor Pizza Oven

What better backyard treat than your ideal pizza? Bring on the pineapple and pepperoncini, add the mozzarella, we are here to party. 

Add a pizza oven to your outdoor oasis to elevate your culinary abilities. Make this classic Brooklyn Style pizza and never settle for anything less ever again.

How awesome would your guests think you are when they come to visit and you have a make your own pizza station? Brush up on your dough skills and make some sauce from scratch, because every night is pizza night.

Pizza ovens are becoming more popular than grills. Besides pizza, you can make almost anything in these compact and energy-efficient outdoor ovens. 

Dress Up Your Garden

Add spring garden decorations to your backyard and bird watch as the flowers bloom. Dress up your garden with waterfalls, birdhouses, and planters. Make your garden a backyard oasis and the ultimate place to relax this summer. 

The right bird feeder can bring specific birds to your garden for your ideal bird-watching Statues can be a fun addition to your garden. Adding an angel or your favorite animal will create an 

Yard Makeover Aftermath

After you are finished with your ultimate yard makeover check out the rest of our website for cool ideas on upgrades and home ideas. From chimney maintenance to pest control, we have all the tips you need to keep your home in tip-top condition.

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