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GPS Moving and Storage is a leading out of state mover in the San Diego area. We are trusted by many residential, commercial, and corporate clients with relocating their precious furniture and belongings from SD to other states and cities throughout the USA. Are you moving out of state and are in San Diego? We can help! Get in touch with us and read through this article for some helpful info to get you started on your moving process.

What is the average cost of moving to another state?

Moving to another state costs more than interstate moves due to the complexities, risks, and increased time needed to carry out the job.  The average cost of an out of state move is pegged at around $4,500. However, the actual cost of your move will depend on a number of factors such as when you book your move, what date you select for your move, how much stuff you decide to move, whether you pack for yourself or decide to have us do it, etc. To find out just how much you need to set aside for this process contact us and request a free quote or fill the form on our site. 

What is the first thing to do when moving to a new state?

Moving and relocating to a new state is a big decision for you and your entire family. Such a move will also affect your extended family, your kids’ schooling, your work, and your friendships. There are a number of things you need to do the moment you realize that you need to move:

  1. Research the state and city you are moving to. Research about security, work, schools, amenities, etc.
  2. Research employment opportunities and cost of living in the new state/city.
  3. Visit the state and city you intend to live in and get a feel for the area in person.
  4. Look for a good real estate agent and start looking for a new place to live.
  5. Start looking for a good out of state moving company in San Diego
  6. Set a moving date.
  7. Notify your estate agent or landlord about your intent to move. 

How hard is it to move to a new state?

There are some considerable challenges that come with moving to a new state. They include:

  • Deciding where to live in the new state.
  • Coming up with the moving budget.
  • Relocating your family from the area you have called home for so long
  • Relocating your business

However, these challenges can be dealt with by giving yourself enough time to move, communicating well with all those involved, remaining positive about what the future holds, and planning well. 

How can I move to another state without a place to live in?

Sometimes people move even without having secured a place to live in. And yes, this is possible. At GPS Moving & Storage, for example, we offer moving storage services to any of our clients. And these storage facilities are secure, clean, and well maintained. This means we can keep your furniture in safe storage before, during, and after your relocation. This easily enables our clients who haven’t secured housing to rent premises temporarily until they can officially move into their official residencies. 

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