Murano Glass Mirrors – your window in Venice

If you just moved into your new house, you’re probably trying to navigate the many rules of interior décor, trying to make it your style to invent the perfect cozy as well welcoming atmosphere you expect in your own home. Whether you get so excited just at the thought of decorating your space that you can’t decide where to start, or you get stressed out by the infinite options, there’s one simple thing you can do that will immediately make the room better and elevate the style: buy a decorative wall mirror. 

We all use mirrors, and they’re essential for everyday life; they help us check how we present ourselves to others and tidy our looks. However, they are not just for vanity, as they are effective design tools. They are pretty much essential: they reflect light, open up spaces and make the room look better. The use of mirrors helps expand the room’s venture size. In small rooms, it gives an illusion of space, also helps lighten the spaces. Mirrors are preferably placed in dressing rooms, bathrooms, and decor in living rooms.

Mirrors are placed as decorative windows to build a prominent effect. Placing mirrors opposite the gardens can bring the outside look to drawing rooms. Decorated mirrors create a romantic atmosphere in bedrooms. Mirrors can give a classy look to interiors. In a small or darkroom, a proper mirror can maximize the sunlight and bring depth, expanding the room’s proportions.

Using mirrors as wall décor gives an edge to your home interior design. With strange shapes and decorative shapes, they can be a standalone wall accent or even the room’s focal point. It can be an eye-catching statement piece or blend into the rest of the décor, letting another piece shine. 

You have to remember three key elements to put your mirror in the perfect place: The most important thing is what’s across it: what they reflect affects the ambiance. The best thing is a window and paintings and pictures, vases, and architectural elements. Remember to place your mirror at eye level. If something specific you want to reflect, you can put it a little above or below eye level; never move it too high or low. The size: don’t be afraid to go big, especially in small rooms it will open up the space even more. 

Regarding the design, the style and material should work with the room’s design. Many styles exist, from antique giltwood beauties to modern sculptural pieces. However, one timeless and grand material can easily match any style. It is eye-catching and loved by interior designers, which is Murano glass. 

What makes a Murano Glass mirror so special? Of course, its beauty and luxury are beautiful, but its history will make you appreciate it even more. It is made exclusively on the little island of Murano, which is part of a network of tiny islands in the Venice lagoon. Murano blown glass is handmade, and its process had barely changed from the 13th century when it was born. The glass masters still make by hand the pieces using the same techniques their ancestors used, passed from generation to generation. With each centerpiece comes a piece of eight hundred-year-old traditions and the techniques the masters have learned and taught for all this time. Because every piece is handmade by the glass masters, you’ll have a unique piece of art that only you own. 

To protect its authenticity, every piece of Murano artwork has a trademark that certifies that it is made at a furnace that follows the traditional glass blowing process. 

Murano glass is famous for its beautiful colors. Masters achieve them by adding different minerals into the glass mix. Traditionally, gold and silver specks are added to the glass, making the piece even more luxurious and glow when exposed to the light. 

A Murano glass mirror will bring to your house a glimpse of the history of Venice, and you’ll own a piece of an eight hundred years old heritage. These mirrors embody nobility, luxury, wealth, and even a bit of magic. 

Antique mirrors are still trending in contemporary homes. They have become more of a symbol of elegance and royalty for people worldwide, apart from their design and aesthetical attributes. So why don’t you treat yourself with some of the most beautiful and unique antique mirrors? 
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