Importance of a Good Drum Lamp Shade

If you have a craving to give your home an updated look, you can do just that with an attractive drum lamp shade.

With so many complex technical things in life, the simplicity and longevity of open chrome are a blessing. However, staring at that same lamp year after year can also serve as a curse.

Luckily, bulbs and lamp shades are replaceable. You can easily ensure that your lamps are always in style. A good drum lamp shade is an easy, affordable solution for upgrading your existing lighting.

To learn more about the importance of a good drum lamp shade, and choosing the right one, keep reading.

Gearing Up for the Hunt

Upgrading your lamp can serve as a fun experience. The process gives you a chance to explore your tastes.

There’s a lot more to lamp shades than you might believe. You can find lamp shades in all kinds of colors, styles, materials and textures. Accordingly, it can prove challenging choosing the right one.

You can make the process easier by considering a few key points. Once you understand a few basics, choosing a lampshade is a rewarding and creative process.

You can select drum lamp shades for every corner of your interior. Ultimately, your choices are all about your style. However, there are also practical considerations.

For example, you’ll want to think of the broader design theme in your home. You may prefer minimalist trappings. Alternatively, you might desire a traditional or even an eclectic interior style.

Here, there are no right answers. However, you’ll find your selection much more satisfying if it’s an extension of your personality.

In some cases, this means choosing simple drum lamp shades that deliver a clean aesthetic. Other people, however, will want a more decadent shade that makes a bold statement.

Things to Consider Before Your Search

Lamp decor can create a dramatic and divergent effect. First, however, you’ll want to consider the function and placement of your fixtures. With this in mind, you’ll need to know a few things.

There are four overarching kinds of lighting—accent, ambient, decorative and task. In this regard, you want to think about the purpose of a particular lamp.

This information will help you figure out your needs. You want to select broad, translucent lighting for task and ambient lamps. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to go with a colorful or opaque lamp shade design for accent or decorative lighting.

Things to Consider Before Your Search

Imagine that you’re updating a task lamp. In that case, you’ll want to think about how many people will use it at the same time.

This information will inform you about the width requirement of the lamp shade base. In other words, it will help you to figure out how much the bottom of the shade should flare out to provide needed lighting. If, for example, several people use the fixture at once, you’ll want a shade with a wider bottom.

You also need to think about the placement of the lamp. Typically, you want to select a longer shade for an end table lamp. Conversely, you’ll want to choose a shorter shade if the lamp will sit higher from the ground.


A Note on Materials for Drum Lamp Shades

You also want to consider the materials of the lamp shade. This task, however, can prove a little tricky. Again, you want to think of the function of the lamp as well as your décor.

As an example, you may need a lamp for accent lighting. Alternatively, you may want to create a diffused effect. In these instances, you may want to select a dark-colored shade of dense material.

This kind of lamp shade will project light from the top and the bottom. However, it will limit the light that the bulb emits from the side of the shade.

In another scenario, you may want your lamp to provide powerful illumination. In that case, you’ll choose a more translucent fabric.

For ambient lighting, you can select either a soft or hard drum lamp shade. You’ll find that eggshell, off-white colors or natural fibers will serve your purposes just fine.

Color and Pattern Options for Drum Lamp Shades

Now, you want to start thinking about colors for your drum lamp shade. You may find it helpful to begin by considering whether you want a neutral or colorful lamp shade. You can also narrow down your choices by deciding if you want a plain or patterned lamp shade design.

When selecting lamp decor, these are important questions. There are benefits and drawbacks with various color categories of lamp shades.

If you have a very dynamic lamp, for example, a plain shade might serve your needs better. A plain drum lamp shade won’t steal the show from the detailing of your lamp.

In another scenario, you may want to create a unique focal point. If you use a floor lamp for a focal point, you may want to spend a few extra minutes thinking over your color selection.

You’ll most likely want to keep prints simple if you have a patterned lamp. You’ll also want to choose a color thread that unites the piece.

Still, you may prefer a colorful patterned lamp shade. In that case, you want to make sure that that theme echoes in your interior.

For example, you want the lamp shade to work with interior features such as drapes, pillows, rugs and throws. However, choosing the right lamp shade doesn’t have to end at color— there’s one more point you can consider.

Final Touches for Your Drum Shades

Now that you have a better idea of your desired colors and materials, you may want to consider the finishing touches. First, you may want to consider the lamp shade assembly. There are three common lamp shade assemblies—Clip-On, Spider and Uno.

The spider configuration is what you’ll see on lamp shades. It consists of multiple spokes. They’ll come together at the top of this shade meeting at a central point.

The spokes will connect to the harp. The harp is a part of the base.

You can use the harp to adjust the shade up or down. The spider configuration will support the lamp shade above the light bulb.

Meanwhile, a clip-on assembly attaches directly to the lamp shade. You’d then use the clip to support the lamp shade on the light bulb.

Topping Off Your Lamp Shade

Finally, the Uno assembly attaches to the base just below the light bulb. The spokes descend from the shade to form a “V.” The V connects to a ring that attaches to the base of the bulb.

The finial is the pièce de resistance of the assembly. Finial is a fancy word for the bolt that you’d use to secure the top of the lamp shade. However, you can indeed get fancy with your finial.

There is no need to stick with the boring finial that most likely originally came with your lamp. Instead, you can select a custom final to add a new dimension to your lamp and your home.

Finials come in a wide variety of sizes and designs. You can select finials that range from an opulent star-cut crystal to a quirky life-size porcelain golf ball.

Don’t Forget About Safety!

Even with a lamp shade, it’s important to consider safety. This concern is often overlooked when it comes to selecting shades. Here, it’s important to think about the heat generated in relation to the size of your lamp shade.

For example, a high wattage light bulb will create more heat. Resultantly, it will need more ventilation.

You’ll need to select a wider lamp shade to meet this requirement. The more wattage that you intend to use, the more ventilation you’ll need for your lamp.

The technical term for this characteristic is called the “critical radius.” You’d measure the critical radius from the middle of the light bulb to the inside edge of the shade.

Imagine that you plan to use a 60- to 70-watt light bulb. In that case, you’ll need at least a 2 7/8” clearance between the filament and the inside of the lamp shade.

This ventilation space will enable you to operate your lamp safely. When choosing a lampshade, it helps to select one that’s twice as wide as the base of the lamp.

Learn More About Creating Your Dream Home

Now you know more about the importance of good drum lamp shades. Hopefully, you’re one step closer to creating your dream interior.

Everyone’s home is a source of pride. If you already have a home of your dreams, you’re one lucky individual. For many, however, their dream home is a work in progress.

Creating your dream home is about more than spending money. It involves genuine engagement. Also, it helps to have tips and tricks to help you achieve your goals.

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