HVAC Maintenance Checklist: 5 Crucial Steps to Take

One of the most important components of your home is your HVAC system. Regardless of where you live, you likely rely on heating, cooling, or both throughout the year. 

Having your HVAC system fail when you need it most can be incredibly inconvenient, uncomfortable, and even dangerous. For example, the unexpected cold temperatures that struck Texas had devastating effects, including multiple deaths

While Texans were taken completely off-guard by their circumstances, there are several things you can do to maintain your system. We can help. Keep reading for a quick HVAC maintenance checklist to avoid future HVAC problems.

1. Change Your Filters 

One of the easiest things on our HVAC maintenance checklist is changing your filters. As simple as it is, this step is essential for protecting your home and ensuring clean air quality in your house.

A dirty filter can spread dirt, dust, debris, pet dander, and allergens throughout your house. In some cases, a dirty filter can even create a fire hazard. 

2. Clean Your HVAC Coils

Next, let’s talk about your HVAC condenser and evaporator coils. Cleaning these coils is vital for heating and air conditioning maintenance. These coils are designed to heat and cool the air to maintain the ideal temperature in your house. 

Over time, your coils collect dust, dirt, and other debris which act as insulation. This makes it much harder for your unit to effectively heat and cool the air running through it. As a result, your unit works harder, costing you more money and cutting down on its lifespan.

3. Run Your System Conservatively

One of the most important things on your HVAC maintenance checklist is to make sure you’re not running your system into the ground. Obviously, your HVAC system is in place to keep you and your family comfortable by combating outside temperatures. 

However, there is such a thing as working your system too hard. For example, trying to maintain a 60-degree temperature in the summer will put your A/C unit into overtime. Similarly, heating your home to 80 degrees in the winter can be equally destructive. 

Your unit can probably hit those temperatures, but forcing it to work so hard will shorten its lifespan.

4. Get Regular HVAC Inspections

As a homeowner, unless you’re a trained HVAC technician, you’re going to be somewhat limited on what you can do for your unit. While DIY work can save you money and help you learn new skills, it can also be ineffective, costly, and dangerous.

Instead, add regular inspections from HVAC services to your HVAC maintenance checklist. They’ll be able to use their experience and training to identify issues, diagnose problems, and make necessary repairs. 

5. Clean Out Your Air Ducts

Finally, you need to make sure your air ducts are clean of debris. This includes pet fur, dirt, dust, and anything else trapped in your ducts. We recommend using a professional HVAC contractor, but you can also clean them yourself.

Read more here about the importance of keeping your air ducts clear and the costs of professional cleanings.

Looking for More Home and HVAC Maintenance Checklists?

We hope our HVAC maintenance checklist helps you keep your system running smoother, longer. Just remember to lean on the advice and expertise of professional HVAC contractors if you’re not sure you can do everything yourself. 

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