Kids always like to see the result of their work, so you should consider the planting crops that grow faster like green beans or those that produce easily such as coriander, grape tomatoes. You can start by creating a small home garden with a dinner salad in your mind. When you take the help of your kids in gardening, they are more likely to eat more produce and will try different types of food too.

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7 Tips for Home Garden:

  1. Start small

starting you do not need a big garden area. You can start with pots by placing them on the porch to grow food. Most of the herbs can easily grow in small pots. Even you can keep them on your window wall and kids also nurture them easily. you need to inspire them to start making a garden.

  • Planting and growing process

According to their age, kids take gardening differently. Like small kids always like to explore mud, digging, watering them while older ones can be more interesting in how a seed grows into a plant. They can read the instructions of seeds packets to understand the process. Allow children to be involved in every process, by doing this. They feel an attachment with their plants and will do a good take care of them.

  • Garden tools

When you involved kids in gardening then you have to provide them garden tools. So, create a special place to store the tools where they can take them when they want to use them in the garden. Allow them to have their sized spades, rakes, gloves, and hoes. You can also give them a large-sized spoon for digging and old bowls, cups, and buckets or baskets for harvesting.

  • Location

Importantly, locate the garden where they can go easily but that area must be viewed by others as well so you can see them. Make sure that the chosen area gets plenty of sunlight and a have proper arrangement of water supply. If you take care properly then your garden will look beautiful.

  • Choose seeds carefully

Children always love to touch the plants. So, keep them away from any plant that may be poisonous. Before sowing the seeds always, you should know about the plant, choose them carefully. Along with this always teach kids to eat only those they know are safe.

  • Add attraction

You can make your garden area a happy place by adding some unique features they’re like water fountains, chimes, windmills, some statues of cartoons that your children adore. You can also hang their swing on which you and your kids do reading writing or anything which you love to do.

  • Add their favorites

If you want that your child shows some interest in the garden then you have to choose the seeds of their favorite veggie or fruits. Children love to have snacks then include favorites like cherry tomatoes, peas, strawberries, capsicums as well. You can also make some sitting area there so your kids can have their lovely snacks treats.


Gardening is also a great way to teach environmental awareness by exploring the working of nature. Gardening also gives kids a chance to feel the attachment to mother earth.

Happy living!! 

Sudarsan Chakraborty
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