How to Recharge Freon in Home AC Unit

Are you interested to know how to recharge the Freon in home ac unit yourself? You are in the right place. Read the entire content and you will know everything about how to recharge ac unit. During the warm month, air conditioners run all day, and this can lead to an extremely high electricity bill. High bills always get everyone “asking how can reduce this bill?” what most people do not understand is that the cause of the high bill is the inefficiency of the air conditioners. Lack of refrigerant to facilitate heat transfer is the leading cause of the inefficiency.

Freon is the refrigerant that facilitates heat transfer. When the air conditioner runs low of Freon, it is unable to cool the house. Freon ensures that the air blown into the house is cold enough to cool the home. The best option to increase efficiency is by refilling the conditioner with Freon. You should know how to change Freon by yourself.

Here are the things you must keep in mind while Recharge Home AC unit:

  • Warning

Choosing the right type of kit is essential in the process of making sure that one makes the correct replacement of the refrigerant. Before buying the new equipment, one must conduct sufficient research to find the right coolant for your air conditioner. While one can replace the coolant, it is advisable to seek the advice of an expert when one is not sure.

  • The Law

Professionals in operating and maintenance of air conditioners are required to follow specific laws to proceed. Professionals are required to operate under the Environmental Protection Administration. However, when you choose to change your refrigerant, you do not have to certified or licensed. But you should know about how to recharge home ac.

Refrigerant selling companies often require a buyer to have a license for them to sell to you. However, some homeowners may also be selling the refrigerant. Buying from the homeowners selling refrigerants is not legal. Without a license, one should never operate on another person’s air conditioner.

  • Maintenance Check

Before recharge home ac, one should conduct simple maintenance on the AC. Begin by cleaning the condenser coils and evaporator to ensure proper operation. Build up in these areas can cause the conditioner to operate in the wrong way or even cause damage. Blower fans should always be clean; therefore, looking for debris in the fan is an essential step. Debris can cause damage to the whole system, and it is, therefore, crucial that one makes sure it is clean. Electrical connections are also another source of problems and should, therefore, be checked to ensure safety.


Type of refrigerant and Recharging system

The operating guide is often found at the control box or the air handler. The type of refrigerant compatible with the conditioner can also be indicated at the AC’s cabinet. A quick search online can also help to identify the right coolant and recharging system. Some systems have a quick connection that allows for a refill without losing existing Freon. It is essential that Freon is handled with care as contact with the skin can cause injuries.

Taking precautions when making a refrigerant change is essential. The first precaution is to make sure that the system is completely turned off and no power is in the system. Making sure power is cut off at the circuit breaker and the fuses removed is one of the best ways to make sure that there is no power to the air conditioner.

One should then hook up the gauges as per instructions. Gauges indicate low pressure while the side of the system should be high pressure. After connecting the gauges, turn on the AC for about 15 minutes for system stabilization. The blue gauges help to identify whether there is a need for a refill or not. If the blue gauge drops after stabilization, then this is a sign that a recharge is needed. The sight glass is another method to confirm whether there is a need for a recharge. If there are bubbles, then the refrigerant needs a recharge.

Filling Air Conditioner Refrigerant

After confirmation, one needs to shut down the unit. Carefully connect the manifold hoses to the ports. The low-pressure hose is usually blue color and the other red. After connection, the unit should be turned on allowed to run for another 15 minutes. The Freon container should be connected to the valves, and the air conditioner will take in the Freon automatically. After the recharge, if refrigerant, turn the unit to its highest settings. This forces the Freon to move through the conditioner. After Freon has been refilled, remove the Freon charger. Once this whole process has been completed, the AC should work more effectively at cooling. Now You can recharge home ac by yourself.

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