How To Protect Your Family From A Home Invasion: 10 Things To Do

Home Invasion!

When you finally get this gut-wrenching feeling that someone uninvited might be inside your house. Just the thought can make your stomach churn with anxiety. Home intrusion for a suspicious reason is dangerous at the least, and this is something we should prepare ourselves from.

If you have not been a victim of a home invasion (touchwood!), this is not to jinx it, but you cannot live with the idea that you might never. Preparing for anything makes you extra alert and decreases any chances of a home invasion in the future.

Here are the ten most important lessons you should keep handy in preparation to protect yourself from a possible home invasion.

Why You Need Top-Notch Security Installment

Security installment is an excellent way of protecting your family before a home invasion. The home security company will thoroughly analyze the place and get all the weak spots if you get it professionally done.

Now, they will select the right equipment for these spots and get the work done accordingly. So, if you are someone looking for a home security installation, then look no more and visit the website here

1. Security Intruder Alarm

Security intruder alarms are genius inventions to keep any intruder outside the house. Mostly home invaders will try to enter the house through an open entry or break down the windows. 

If you have these intrusion alarms installed at every opening, it will start a siren alarm to signal you and probably the neighbors (yes, it is that loud!). Apart from alerting the homeowners, it also helps in intimidating the intruder or burglars.

2. Panic Button

Another ingenious investigation in the field of home security. This is giving many people a peaceful goodnight sleep at night. Installing the panic button will immediately alert the police station, and in some cases, the hospital or the fire department.

This will ensure that precious time is saved when it is a matter of home invasion. In addition, if there is any larger threat or accident, then combating them will be easier with the home around.

3. Keep Curtains & Windows Closed At Night

Yes, opening the curtains is a great way to get a beautiful night view, but it is also a great way for criminals or stalkers to see your life inside. They can also see their valuable belongings, televisions, and other electronics as their target.

This will help you protect your privacy and yourself from such unexpected home invasions. Keeping your windows closed at night is majorly crucial to prevent a break-in.

4. Smart Lock

A smart lock is an advanced type of lock which operates with high-tech monitoring. Fingerprint being one of the recent features of it, some even have retinal scans or face scans.

These kinds of high-tech lock systems ensure stronger prevention of burglary or invasion. Since it is not using old fashion keys, it can be a strong benefit when it comes to home security.


5. Motion Sensors

Sometimes we tend to forget our outside area, not realizing that it is the place most invaders enter from. Motion sensors, especially motion sensors with light, are the best security appliances for the home perimeters.

This detects the presence of someone and alerts the homeowner through a notification. This will save you precious time and help you think clearly with that saved time.

6. Broadcast Less

This has been a serious issue in the last decade, and its safety hazards are endless. Everyone is making everything public on social media. Whether it is their vacation, those antiques they got from the auction, or something as simple as making it public that you are going somewhere.

This not only gives everyone the liberty to get to your location but also a clear gateway to your routine and the times you won’t be home.

7. Garage Door Shut

This is a rookie mistake that almost every homeowner makes, and considering the case of a home invasion that has been possible because of this rookie mistake, people should stop doing it. Shutting the garage gate and the door inside which leads to the house inside should be shut at all times, if not in use.

The door leading to the inside of the house should always be shut from the inside, without any exception. The same goes for the backdoor if your house has any. Make sure to put a good alarm system in these doors as well to ensure utmost security. 

8. Get Good Fencing

It is not just about the security inside; the house security should look intimidating from the outside as well. If an invader gets the idea that the house is not well protected, they make that house their next target. 

The fencing should be concrete and high. Not too high that you are isolated from the outside world, but high enough to ensure no one can climb it. You are getting one or two motion sensors at the boundaries as well to ensure safety.

9. Protect The Back Side

Do not forget the backside when it comes to securing your house. This is the place not used that much, and they consist of the garage, utility shed, and backdoor. Unfortunately, these are the main attractions of a burglar.

Your front might just have one door with a smart lock, but the back has too many entrances, which you need to protect. Also, make sure you don’t keep any open ladders or such tools that an intruder can use to break in.

10. Check Around & Get Cameras

Think like a burglar; if you were to enter a house, what would be the hiding place you would decide in the perimeter. Take your time and walk around the entire area and scan the place for weak spots.

The next job is to get CCTV cameras fit in just those places to spot any suspicious activities through these cameras. Make sure they have good night vision.

Final Note

Whenever you are getting security installed in your house, make sure that you check all the weak spots in your house. This can help you understand the places which need the most protection from the invaders.

This can be tiring, especially if you have a large perimeter area. You can consult a home security company who will do this work much more efficiently.

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