How To Make a Bird Bath in Your Garden

Birds add beauty and excitement to your backyard, and a birdbath adds an appealing feature that will bring more feathered friends.

If you’re thinking of creating a DIY bird bath, there are several creative ideas to try.

Read on to learn how to make a bird bath for your garden, so you can enjoy birdwatching right from the comfort of your own home.

Beautiful Branches

When it comes to finding a homemade bird bath vs bought, making it yourself is a fun activity, and it’s less costly, too. Try a birdbath you can make using a wide, shallow dish attached to some sturdy tree branches. This is one of the most natural bird bath designs, and it should attract a variety of species to your garden.

Start by cutting a few thick tree or shrub branches and make sure that they’re even in length. Check to ensure that the top area of the branches are flat and level, then attach the dish to the top.

You can secure your new DIY birdbath by inserting the bottom of the branches into the dirt. Whenever you need to change the water, simply remove the dish from its branches/stand, refill, then put it back so the birds can enjoy taking a nice dip.

How to Make a Bird Bath That Hangs

Some birds prefer to bath and explore higher up away from human activity. To make a birdbath that hangs from a tree, all you need is a pot saucer and some sturdy metal chains.

Using a terracotta or ceramic saucer, place it upside down on top of a planter. Then, attach some metal chains to the planter and hang your new birdbath from a nearby tree.

If you don’t have trees nearby or prefer to watch your birds bathe up-close, you can always hang it from an overhang or the roof of your porch. Just make sure that your new birdbath is securely attached so it doesn’t accidentally fall down or get blown over by the wind.

Repurpose Old Items 

Just about any vessel or shallow item with walls can be re-made into a DIY birdbath. Here are a few easy suggestions to try:

  • A small stool or patio side table makes a perfect birdbath stand. Simply add a shallow dish or plant to the furniture and use it as a convenient place for birds to bathe and cool off.
  • Any empty container with a wide shape and shallow depth will easily double as a birdbath. Just make sure that the item isn’t too deep, or else it could be dangerous to smaller birds.
  • If you want to know how to make a bird bath for tiny birds, consider using an old teacup and saucer. Secure the teacup to the saucer with a hot glue gun, and place it on top of a post or tree stump.
  • Take cinder blocks or bricks that are lying around, and use them to design a base for your birdbath. Just place your dish or bowl on the top, and you’ll have an instant birdbath your feathered friends will love.

Where to Get Bird Baths

If you don’t have the time or materials to make your own birdbath at home, there are many places to purchase them via an online or in person retailer. Look for a variety of beautiful Bird Baths and accessories on the Internet, where you can find a range of sizes, birding supplies, and more.

Many home improvement stores, hardware stores, and plant nurseries sell birdbaths. You can also find a wide variety on a range of websites featuring nature-themed products.

Shop apps and websites like Amazon, eBay, or other big box retailers to find beautiful birdbaths that are ready to go. Just make sure that they’re durable enough to handle the weather and that they offer plenty of room for birds to bathe and drink.

How to Maintain Your Bird Bath

Whether you buy a new birdbath or make it yourself, it’s important to keep it clean and properly maintained to prevent the spread of disease. Always clean out your birdbath a minimum of two to three times per week. Replace the water with fresh, clean water often.

You can use a jet of water from your garden hose to clean out the birdbath between cleanings. Scrub the bottom and sides weekly to remove mold, bird droppings, and gunk that accumulates on the birdbath and in the water.

To prevent algae growth, look for enzymes that are approved for use by wildlife. These enzymes will “attack” and eat the algae, keeping the water and the birdbath cleaner for longer periods of time.

A fountain or dripper will help to keep the water moving in your birdbath. This prevents the water from getting stagnant, which can promote the growth of mold and bacteria.

Never paint your birdbath using toxic paint or anything that contains potentially dangerous chemicals. When in doubt, it’s best to simply make your bird bath using whatever materials you have and leaving them unfinished.

Bring Joy to Your Garden

Keep these tips in mind as you decide how to make a bird bath for your garden. With the right design and some patience, you’ll be able to bring flocks of different birds to your backyard. It’s a great way to enjoy nature while providing birds with clean water to drink and bathe.

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