How To Keep Up With The Maintenance Of Your Garage Door

Being a homeowner, you have to be mindful of the upkeep of your property so that hefty repair costs don’t show up. Likewise, garage doors should also be maintained properly and checked monthly for any faults. A broken garage door can trap your car inside and hinder you from day to day activities. 

Thus, a monthly maintenance checklist is vital to be constructed and followed efficiently. Garage door repair, Virginia beach VA advises the customers to perform certain tasks by themselves to follow the safety routine. The following are the tips you can keep in mind while working on the same. 

Inspect the door 

Your garage needs to go through proper inspection at least twice a year. However, you should manually inspect the door at least once a month to ensure there are no faults. 

For this, you can conduct routine maintenance with a set number of tools such as, safety glasses, brake cleaner, and other parts that come equipped with a garage door. 

However, do make sure that you have disabled the automatic machinery of the door before you begin self-inspection. This will help you in ensuring a high level of safety. Moreover, fix something under the door as a preventive measure to hinder it from coming down surprisingly. 

Perform safety tests 

There are a few safety tests that you can check off your list to confirm that your door is working in perfect condition. 

  1. Attempt opening the door manually, disabling the automatic machinery. 
  2. Release the door halfway once you have pushed it up. 
  3. In case, the door slips down and does not stay put halfway, it needs servicing and you should call a technician. 

To check whether or not the mechanism of the door is working perfectly, you can follow these steps- 

  1. Block the path of the door by a solid object when it is more than halfway closed. 
  2. If the door reverses and opens upwards, the mechanism is perfectly intact. If it does not happen, you should consult a technician. 

Examine the hardware 

From time to time, your garage door is going to need servicing. To attempt this systematically, it is advised to check for any broken hinges or tracks in your garage door. If you encounter any loose bolts that are preventing the movement of other parts, you can use a screwdriver to fasten them up. 

Sometimes, rust can also cause slow movements in garage doors. You should look for any corrosion signs in the lift cables that are attached to the door, and if you encounter any rust, a technician’s assistance is advised. 

Clean the door surface  

While internal mechanism and automatic machinery do affect the condition of your garage door, so does the outer surface. It must be cleaned from time to time and kept in good condition in order to function productively. 

You can use a dry, clean cloth to wipe down any dust on the outer surface. To prevent insect damage, you can also repaint the door when the outer layer begins to fade. It should also be kept clear of any cobwebs on the inside. A dampened cloth for cleaning should always be avoided. 

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