How to Ensure a Strong Roof for Decades

When was the last time you inspected your roof?

The lifespan of a neglected roof is way below where it should be. A strong roof can last anywhere from 25 to 50 years with the right upkeep, depending on its roofing material.

A simple roof inspection is the first step toward a long-lasting it, but don’t worry if your roof is a hot mess. Roofing repairs, replacements, maintenance, and upgrades are worthy investments that pay in the long-term.

Let’s investigate these roofing solutions, right now!

Get in the Habit

Routine maintenance is one of the easiest ways to increase your roof’s longevity. However, it requires consistent commitment.

You don’t have to clean your roof every day, but try to squeeze in cleaning at least once a year. Unless you’re experienced with ladders and roofing maintenance, it’s best to leave this job to the professionals. it debris and damage are also major safety hazards if you have back problems and health conditions.

It’s wise to book a roofing inspection after a major storm, as well. Storm debris clogs gutters, which attracts animals, mold, and all sorts of hazards. Post-storm leaks also increase the risk of indoor air pollutants and respiratory illnesses.

Gutters, unlike roofs, should be cleaned more frequently since they clog faster. You may need to scoop out the debris before spraying down your gutters with a hose.

Roof maintenance and yard work also go hand-in-hand. Prune back trees hovering over your roof. Fallen tree branches are a common culprit behind roofing damage, roof leaks, and accidents.

Make a habit of trimming overhead tree branches before storm season.

Insulate Your Home

In-home heat plays a surprising role in your roof’s lifespan.

Without proper insulation, your roof is more prone to damage and ice dams. This problem is prevalent in snowy areas.

In well-insulated homes, the snow remains on top of the roof and doesn’t melt in freezing temperatures. However, a poorly insulated home regularly leaks hot air during winter; this melts the snow on top, creating water pools, leaks, and soggy roofing materials.

Remember to improve your insulation well before winter. The best time to complete these repairs is in Spring when the weather is perfect.

Replace Your Old Roof

Frequent repairs aren’t cheap in the long-term. Roofs, in particular, benefit from high-quality replacements. However, it’s important to have the right contractor in your corner.

Poor roofing construction and installation are not worth the suspiciously low cost. Likewise, contractors who charge hourly rates may seem inexpensive on the surface, but you could pay far more than you imagined.

Avoiding exorbitant costs is one reason why it’s so important to do your due diligence before choosing a contractor.

Learn more about roofing contractors who provide transparent estimates, along with industry expertise, customer service, and other services like gutter guards or siding installation.

Enjoy Your Strong Roof for Years to Come

Make sure your new strong roof lasts for decades. Keep these tips handy as you keep your roof free from leaks, debris, mold, and more hazards.

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