How to Decorate Your First Apartment Rental

Moving into your first apartment rental is an important personal milestone. Whether you are living by yourself or splitting the rent with a roommate, your first apartment will be a momentous occasion. This apartment rental marks your first instance of independence, as you move out of your family home. Although you will eventually move on to bigger and better spaces, your first apartment is a great place to create precious memories.

An apartment doesn’t simply have to be a place to crash at the end of the day. For your first apartment, put some effort into decorating the place and making it feel more like home. There are numerous decorating tips and design ideas to make your apartment rentals feel more inviting. Take the time to decorate the apartment as you see fit, using this opportunity to exercise your creativity.

Follow these handy tips when decorating your first apartment:


Of course, settling into your apartment will be your first order of business. However, once you are ready to start decorating, you’ll have to pay attention to the furniture. The main idea here is to not add in the first couch you come across. An apartment should be decorated with scale in mind.

Try your best to use furniture that is proportionate to the dimensions of your apartment. This allows the visual to appear unimpeded and not as hard on the eyes. Don’t go with tiny pieces of furniture either. Keep in mind the available real estate and aim for a balance. This way, the appearance of your apartment space will be optimized.


Your standard first apartment will appear monotonous, but this may be done deliberately. Use this to your own benefit and experiment accordingly. Start with your walls, which can be painted in a myriad of colours to complement your apartment’s theme. The best colours to use are the ones that make you feel at home.

Or if the paint is too laborious on your end, removable wallpaper may be your next best bet. Not only will this be less of a mess to clean up, but you have a ton of options available to choose from. Take into consideration what balances out your personal style, and you will be off to a good start.

Are the walls in your apartment feeling a little bare? If so, consider putting up some artwork, photos, or cute wall decorations. Once you acquire your diploma or certificate, why not hang the accreditation up on the wall? Celebrate your achievements!


While a typical apartment may present you with minimal options in terms of lighting, you can add your own spin to it. Additional lighting can be installed in your apartment, which can simulate a pleasant ambience. For example, LED light strips placed along the perimeter of your ceiling can be worthwhile.

Furthermore, these lights can be dimmed or brightened to your liking, depending on what you prefer. These can make movie nights with friends even more enjoyable, despite being in a smaller space. Lighting is incredibly vital for setting the ambience in your apartment unit.


Storage in your apartment may seem like an afterthought, especially with other design elements to contend with. However, don’t do yourself a disservice by ignoring this important component. By approaching storage with a minimalist mindset, your apartment will not seem as cluttered.

There are also pieces of furniture that can house additional items so that you don’t have to place them elsewhere. In this case, ensure that your furniture, such as storage ottomans, are able to withstand this. That way, you can keep things neat and tidy without sacrificing available real estate.


The windows in your apartment don’t have to be outfitted with standard curtains at the end of the day. Place some wooden shades over them, which not only do their job but look much better on the eyes!


After the foundational decorating matters are taken care of, you can start taking things to the next level. Should your walls still appear barren, now would be a great time to add on personalized touches? For instance, you can add in a few pieces of wall art in and around the immediate walls.

A contemporary strategy of making your apartment’s decorations pop is to use flora in the space. Place some potted plants in and around your apartments for rent in san leandro. Don’t be afraid to experiment with their size!

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