How to Choose Wall Mounted Art When Selling Your Home?

You need to create a balance between the blank and what you like; to make the buyers interested in your home.

Many homeowners do make a common mistake when they are selling their homes. One of them is placing art above the eye at the centre of the room. This is always too high for other people to see it and enjoy the view.

When you are preparing your home for sale, you should understand that depersonalizing is an essential step. This is why some home stagers request home sellers to remove their kids’ artwork, family photos, and many other items mounted on the walls. 

Some buyers get distracted with these items, and they lose focus on what’s necessary, such as storage or square footage. Yet Top Wall Mounted Review says, an empty wall is not advisable for a home you want to sell, and it will make the home feel dull, empty, and less inviting or desirable.

As a seller, you must decide what you should hang on the house walls to attract prospective buyers. For this reason, artwork is one of the best options, and even though it can be tricky since you don’t know what will draw in or put off the buyer. Many ideas are available for you to use to transform the home, such as contemporary wall art, framed photos, and many more.

When you want to sell your home, you should consider wall art to showcase the theme of your home, the architecture, neighbourhood, and the design. Wall art is one of the ways to include style, add flair and personality to the spaces. Therefore, if there is an empty room in your home that is on sale, why not decorate it with the following simple tips; to add taste to it without being personal about it. 

1.Abstract Art

Abstract art comes in various designs, such as splats, swirling shapes, lines, and colors. They all create everything you see in abstract art. You can never be right or wrong with abstract art. This is to say that it’s such an open piece that doesn’t have a specific definition, and it won’t cause distraction when showing the house to buyers. Besides this, abstract art is a perfect choice because it is inoffensive to anyone at the home display process.


2. Landscape Art

Landscape art has to do with artwork that consists of natural scenery like forests, trees, mountains, rivers, cliffs, valleys, or flowers. This artwork can be abstract or realistic and offers a sense of peacefulness, serenity, and escape when the buyers gaze in it. You can use landscape artwork in many spaces, like; bedroom, dinning, or living room.

3. Reveal Where You Live

Like landscape art, you, as a home seller, can use images of the place you are living, such as city, desert, or the beach, bringing the outside scene into the house. This will reveal to the buyers where they are about to call home. Therefore, art or photo of such an area will show the place’s beauty while it as well replicates the joy of staying in that environment. 

4. Pick Up Ideas from The Room’s Activity

At times you may be confused about what to hang in the room. In such a situation, pick up an idea from the same room. Think about the purpose of the room. Let’s say it’s the dinning, you can then decide to hang an art piece that displays wine, food, or any café scene.

But if it’s a bedroom, you can choose a white and black flower image, sleeping abstract or a nude if you don’t mind or you think the buyer won’t mind. You may also decide to use an image of relaxation and peace, such as beach shoreline. 

5. Use A Map

The map is not expensive, so you can use it to add aesthetic and color to the wall. This art can trigger a conversation between you and the buyer. Likewise, you can also use it to track your travels. Maps are lovely, no matter where you place them.

The home’s design style can be used to determine the type of map to use. The modern map version will outline the continents, or you can use the traditional map for minimal detail in a den, office, or room.

6. Add Lettering

It’s not compulsory for you to use art in the form of the image; it can be a word. A subliminal message of feeling or communication can be hanged on the wall of a room. Any lettering you are using can be an inspirational quote that will trigger anyone’s mind.  Word art is very common, and it’s a modern art that is trending presently. Most notably if you have a collage wall that you can add it with.  


7. Use Lifestyle Photos

Instead of showing off your family picture, hang a lifestyle photo that a buyer can relate with. For example, a ski trip, a day at the beach, running a marathon or hiking.

This will not just call the buyer’s attention; it will also reveal the homeowner’s lifestyle and personality, even if it’s not so inspirational and accurate.

8. Refresh an Art with A Beautiful New Frame

Another good idea is to unify a collage wall by using a specific size or color frame. No matter the number of the art piece displayed on the wall, it’s paramount to select art piece that reveals the best and beauty of the room. Hence, it can point out the good when downplaying the least exciting part of the room.


When you have decided to sell your house, determining the best wall art to mount on the wall to showcase the home is essential. Ensure that the art piece you are hanging is almost perfect if not perfect for the room and that it’s hung appropriately.

Most homeowners display their artwork too high and that makes it difficult for people, buyers especially to view and admire them. So, take note that when you hang them, they must be attached at eye level or around 60 to 65-inches from the floor level. But when you are hanging big art pieces, hang them at the center at eye level, instead of hanging it from the bottom level.

Sudarsan Chakraborty
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