How To Choose Furniture for Your Dining and Living Room When Downsizing

Living in a small house should not stop you from living the life you want. You can optimally utilize your space and enjoy your life without lacking any house comfort. However, small your room needs to remain organized and functional. However, it’s crucial to use some strategies to help you get the comfort you desire in your small space.

Choose Flexible Solutions

When you move from a bigger house to a smaller one, it doesn’t mean you have done away with friends at your home. You can still comfortably enjoy hosting your friends by taking flexible options such as the extendable dining table.

The extending dining tables allow you to contract and fit your furniture into a small space. However, you can shift your extendable dining table outdoors and enjoy a more comfortable dining space with your friends when you have guests.

For much smaller spaces, you can decide to have a foldable extendable dining table, which you will have an option to fold when not in use or shift it outdoor and extend when you have friends around.

Buy Simple and Less Bulky Sofa

When moving to a smaller space, the last thing you want in your living room is bulky furniture, which tends to occupy more space. Leaning sofa, for example, tends to occupy more space which you can utilize in a better way. Hence, it’s advisable to buy a couch whose back is upright. Other factors to consider are a narrow and raised seat. A narrow chair occupies less space, while having a raised seat creates more room for under the chair.

Be Open-Minded with Your Arrangement

When you have limited space, you will need to be creative on where to place your furniture. For example, extending dining tables will have extra chairs when you contract the dining table; you can be creative and distribute the extra chairs into other rooms such as your living room and bedrooms. As such, you will have your lovely extendable dining table and a few seats on hand.

Measure Available Spaces

Visualizing the size of the furniture that can fit in your living room can result in an expensive affair if you end up buying furniture which won’t fit into the available space. Therefore, it’s essential to take a tape measure to determine the actual dimensions of the fittings you have to buy.

Measuring out spaces helps you choose your furniture with ease and makes you end up with a well-balanced dining room and living room instead of having furniture that squeezes together. For example, if you are taking the dimensions of an extendable dining table, remember to leave space for the chairs and legs area.

Consider Comfort and Durability

Moving to a small space does not take away your comfort. You should still be able to enjoy your comfort in your tiny house. Look for furniture that is simple and yet comfortable.

Quality is also a critical consideration when shopping for your furniture. You don’t want broken furniture all over in your limited space, hence going for quality ensures you get value for your money and offers psychological comfort and physical relaxation.

Use Vertical Storage

Since the floor space is highly limited in this case, it’s essential to consider utilizing physical space for storage. You can use the corners for the storage of jewelry or books. You can use stack-up containers to store more items such as dishcloths and books.

Vertical storage helps you utilize unused space to keep your home neat, tidy, and organized. Using more vertical space ensures you have more air circulation and more horizontal livable space. Additionally, arranging items nicely and vertically attracts the eyes to move up and down instead of concentrating on the limited floor space.

Choose Exposed Leg Furniture

It’s essential to create an open environment in your rooms rather than squeezed enclosed rooms. Exposed-leg furniture appears to use less space and gives your room a relaxed feel. Additionally, exposed-leg furniture creates more room to put stools with storage drawers comfortably.

Add Depth by Hanging Mirrors

You can create an impression of a larger space in a small room by hanging mirrors. The reflective surfaces add depth to your room, making it appear bigger and brighter as most light falls back into the room. However, you need to strategically place your mirrors to reflect the most, for example, opposite a window.

You can put your mirrors on the walls, ceilings, or on the furniture. The mirrors will also act as part of your décor. However, it’s essential to keep your mirrors dust-free and clean without fingerprints.


When moving to a small house, you have to strategize on maximizing the space and continue enjoying the comfort you used to in your former settings. Using flexible furniture such as the extendable dining table utilizes your space optimally. Extendable dining table fits well in your small space, but you can also shift it outdoors and extend it to accommodate your guests.

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