How Outdoor Metal Art Can Show Nature at Its Best

People all around the world are spending more and more time indoors. The average American spends an estimated 90% of their time inside, while only spending 7% of their time outdoors

Spending more time outdoors and in nature can have significant health benefits, as it can help increase your vitamin D levels and reduce stress. But if your outdoor space isn’t up to scratch then you’ll be less inclined to spend time outside. One way you can transform your outdoor space, whether it’s a yard or a garden, is by adding outdoor metal art.

Read on to discover how outdoor art can make your space more inviting and how it can complement nature. 

What Is Metal Art? 

As the name suggests, metal art is artwork that is made with metal, such as steel, iron, bronze, tin, lead, silver, or gold. Often the artwork is purely decorative and is a great option for those looking for a statement piece for their gardens.

However, sometimes you can get custom metal art that is multi-purposeful, in that it can be used to decorate your garden and also add value to it. For example, you can find bird feeders and birdhouses that can act as a standalone metal artwork piece, but also give the birds somewhere to go and eat. 

Metal art has been around for hundreds of thousands of years, some metal artwork has even been found that pre-dates the Bronze Age.

Why Do You Need Outdoor Metal Art?

Maybe you don’t need metal artwork in your garden, but it certainly can help complement your outdoor space and make it more welcoming. But that’s not the only reason why metal artwork is the right choice for your garden, these 5 other reasons should also be considered too.

1. Adds Personality

Adding an outdoor sculpture to your garden won’t mean that you need to stop mowing the lawn and maintaining your outdoor space, but it might help to add some character and personality. Which in turn will encourage you and your family to spend more time outside. 

There’s an abundance of options when it comes to the type of artwork you can get, so you’ll definitely be able to find a piece that fits your personality and space. For example, those with a small yard might choose to focus on decorating the walls with metal art. You could do this by choosing pieces that reflect sunlight and create the illusion that the yard space is larger than it actually is. 

2. Easy to Fit and Maintain

Most types of metal art are easy to fit and maintain. You don’t need to have specialist skills, which means you can easily transform your outdoor space.

Metal art for walls is probably the easiest piece of art to fit, as all you need to do is hang it up. More complex sculptures might require more care when fitting, however, the artwork should come complete with instructions. 

When it comes to maintenance, the main thing you need to worry about is rust. Choosing the right metal material is a key factor that can help you prevent rust. Powder-coated steel is the best option when it comes to a metal that is resistant to rusting, corroding, and chipping.

Other metals can be protected from rust and the elements by applying a coat of polyurethane. Regular upkeep and maintenance of your metal artwork are recommended, so make sure you clean and apply a new coat of polyurethane annually. 

3. Highlight Nature

Often humans forget to just slow down and look around because our daily lives are so busy. However, carefully chosen and placed metal art can help to highlight and celebrate nature and the outdoors. For example, bronze sculptures can add some color to a winter garden when few plants are growing. 

Metal artwork can help grab the attention of those indoors and create an indoor-outdoor connection. By placing a large metal piece of art in front of a prominent window, you can ensure an effortless indoor-outdoor flow. The piece can also be a talking point for your guests.

4. Define Your Space

Larger gardens can benefit from metal artwork by using the pieces to separate the garden into sections. Sectioning your garden can help guests and visitors flow through your garden and heighten their experience as they’ll be searching for different pieces of art. 

The metal art can be selected in terms of different themes for each section of your garden. For example, you might want to create a calm atmosphere at the bottom of your garden, which can be achieved by adding a pond and a metal water fountain sculpture. 

5. Offers Something Different for the Wildlife

All keen gardeners know that their garden isn’t only enjoyed by them, it’s also inhabited and enjoyed by wildlife.

Birds, bugs, and small animals may come into your garden throughout the day and the night, so adding a piece of multi-purposeful art is a great way of offering them something different. No, they probably won’t stop and stare at the magnificent structures in your garden, but they might enjoy shelter or food from some quirky artwork.

Metal birdbaths, feeders, and houses are some options when it comes to how you can accommodate the animals that might visit your garden. Discover other beautiful bespoke metal art from and see how you can transform your outdoor space and create a haven for the wildlife in your area.

Express Yourself With Some Outdoor Metal Art

Whether your want outdoor metal art to create an aesthetically pleasing garden or you want multi-purposeful artwork pieces, you’ll be sure to find something that suits you and your space. The key to spending more time outside is expressing yourself and creating your own special place where you want to relax.

Looking for more ways to transform your outdoor space? We’ve got you covered with our many articles all about how you can improve your garden and home.

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