How Long Can You Live in Your Old House?

We all know that all living and non-living things have certain age of life. When it comes to our house this type of question has popped up in our mind that how long can we live in our old house. Because after some years we start noticing that our house building needs some renovation or repairing. 

Experts say that the average life span of any concrete building is 75-100 years. They said that the average life of an apartment is 50-60 years and of an independent house is 40 years. But independent homes ages much slower than apartment building. The reason is, the amenities and common services are shared among the apartment residents. Because everybody uses the things in their own way. 

But you can improve the life span of your old house by carrying out regular maintenance. With proper maintenance, an old house can cross the 100-year mark. A house’s lifespan also depends on the components within it. 

Every house contains thousands of unique things. And everything has its life expectancy and replacement schedule. To improve the lifespan of your old house, you should consider the maintenance of all the unique things which you have in your house.  

What causes a home to get old?

What is a house? A house is a building that is made of concrete and that is bound to deteriorate over time. Many factors have been played the role in this system like weather, environmental conditions, usage, and damage of structure in its way.

That’s why your home should be constructed according to the weather conditions of the region. Because the poorly-designed building will damage or fall apart soon.

There are some more things about a home, like water pipeline, power cables, flooring, windows, door hinges, water-proofing, wall paints, etc. these all things have expiry dates. They would damage with time. Hence, if you did not pay attention to all these things then your home will age before the time.

 How can you increase the lifespan of your old house?

There are some measures which you should consider to improve the lifespan of your old house.

  • As weather conditions play a very important role in altering the age of the house. Like if you live in a coastal area then your house building has to face intense heat and humidity. And if you live in a city that receives higher rainfall then your house can face seepage, cracks, and dampness. So, you should work on waterproofing of walls, good quality exterior paint, and regular maintenances of the roof. These all things can improve the longevity of your old house. 
  • Always try to choose sustainable materials for your house rather than a fancy one. It will help you to design your home more proficiently. Always buy locally-built things, because that will suit the local conditions better. By this, you can extend the lifespan of your old house. 
  • You should always consider the right kind of construction material for your house. As right material will increase the life of your house.  

Regular maintenance and proper upkeep can give a longer life to your old home too. 

Sudarsan Chakraborty
Sudarsan Chakraborty

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