Guide To Renting A Dumpster For Roofing Shingles

Different Material, Different Weight

Shingles come in a variety of weights, with some being significantly heavier than others.

There are two primary varieties that are utilized for asphalt shingles. It is possible for them to be architectural shingles or 3-tab shingles. As a result of their three-dimensional shape, architectural shingles are the heavier option of the two.

Shingles with three tabs are more conventional and weigh less than other types. On the other hand, the weight of asphalt shingles is significantly lower than that of clay slates or concrete tiles.

When we consider them together as a bundle, the weight disparity between the two becomes clearer. In most cases, a bundle will consist of 21  pieces. The weight of the bundle of the 3-tab shingles ranges from 45 to 60 pounds, whereas the weight of a bundle of architectural shingles ranges from 60 to 80 pounds.

The Size Of The Roof

Each roof has its own design, and it significantly affects the size of the roof.  A roof with a steep slope can sometimes cover a greater area than one with a flat surface.

A number of factors, like the shape and size of the roof, can have an impact on the total volume of waste when you replace your roof. This is affected by the quantity of shingles that are replaced. The number of squares could easily be increased by using multiple layers of shingles.

The area of a square is equal to one hundred square feet. This is the standardized unit of measurement that is used in the roofing business in Spartanburg and everywhere in the USA. One  square of the roof might need three bundles, but if the shingles are particularly thick, you might need four bundles.

The weight of 1 square of the shingles ranges anywhere from 150 to 240 pounds on average. The heaviest shingles can weigh anywhere from 320 to 400 pounds per sq foot, depending on their thickness.

There’s More Than Tiles And Shingles

When you tear off an old roof, you remove more than simply the shingles or tiles that were on top of it. There is a layer of nails, underlayment, and other stuff stored underneath the roof.

It is the sum of all of the factors that determines the weight of the waste created when you replace your roof. These products are heavy, like the asphalt debris-filled felt paper. When selecting the proper dumpster roll-off size for waste disposal, take this into account together with an estimate of the weight of the debris.

Ordering The Right Roofing Dumpster Size

Roof shingle type and square footage are the two most important factors to consider when choosing a dumpster size for your roofing project. 

The two most prevalent types of asphalt shingles are known as three-tab and architectural. Architectural shingles are slightly thicker than three-tab shingles because of their extra thickness

When compared to boxes filled with architectural shingles, the weight of the dumpster rented for the three-tab shingles is often lower than that of a dumpster rented for architectural shingles.

For the waste from architectural shingles, a roll-off container with a capacity of 30 or 40 yards is strongly suggested; however, for the waste from three-tab shingles, a dumpster with a capacity of 20 yards might be sufficient.

The Benefits Of Renting A Dumpster For Roofing Shingles

There are several benefits of renting a dumpster for roofing shingles. First, a dumpster can provide you with temporary storage for the materials you will be using to replace your roof.

This can help to get your house or business cleaned up, as well as allow you to work in a clean environment, which will greatly reduce the chances of injury or falling debris. Second, a dumpster rental from a local dumpster rental in your area can provide you with a convenient place to dispose of the material once you are finished.

This means that you can dispose of the shingles, or any other hazardous material, in an environmentally safe way which will not take up space in your home or yard.

Finally, a dumpster rental can improve your ability to plan for the project. It’s simpler to be able to keep the debris nearby in a dumpster, rather than trying to dispose of it in trash bags, or elsewhere in your yard.

Some Important Benefits Of Renting A Dumpster For Roofing Shingles:

  • Free from the responsibility of disposing of the waste and debris
  • No need to hire someone to remove the debris
  • The junk will be picked up and taken away, no need for you to do all the work
  • Allowing you to focus on the project
  • A great way to recycle waste products
  • Easy way to get rid of garbage
  • Avoid fines that can be imposed by the local disposal authorities
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