Get Ready For Summer With These 3 DIY Backyard Ideas on a Budget

Summer is right around the corner! Do you know what that means? Time to go back in the backyard! From grilling to hosting patio parties, the backyard is the best place to hang out when the weather is warm.

Before you host extravagant backyard parties, you’ll want to make sure your backyard looks presentable. No one wants to look at a bunch of trees and grass, which is why the average American spends between $1,001 and $5,000 on outdoor projects.

But do you need to spend that much? Here are 5 DIY backyard ideas on a budget — for backyards of all sizes.

1. Add a Table

What should all of your friends do when they’re in your backyard? Stand? I think not! Instead, add a table. Whether you invite a slew of people over or you want to relax when the weather is nice, you and your friends will love hanging out at your dining room table.

Should you just use any old table? Many people think of wood when they buy an outside dining table, which is understandable — wood is resilient and low-maintenance. But it’s worth it to consider other materials, such as aluminum and even polystone.

Keep in mind, all of these materials have different price points. But a great outdoor dining table shouldn’t cost much more than a couple of hundred dollars. If you’re a woodworker or furniture maker, you can easily make your own table.

2. Achieve Serenity With a Fountain

Fountains are one of the hottest backyard trends now. If your backyard has a fountain, you must be fancy. And there’s a reason why you may think that — fountains can get pretty pricey.

Fortunately, you can find small fountains at any home store for an equally small price. If you’re crafty, you can also make your own fountain for close to nothing. Be sure to grow some flowers around the fountain to make the scene look picturesque.

Speaking of flowers…

3. Do Some Gardening

You don’t have to have a green thumb to grow a beautiful garden. And the best part? A garden is extremely affordable!

Flowers, such as fuchsia, sweet pea, zinnia, lavender, marigold, dahlia, and daffodils are all easy flowers to grow. Don’t forget to add some fruits and veggies, such as tomatoes, mint, basil, potatoes, radishes, and spinach.

If you want to take a step further, you can create a whole garden design. Hanging planters are especially popular if your backyard and garden are small. If you want an extravagant garden, you can call a company such as Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC to help you.

These DIY Backyard Ideas on a Budget Will Look Great

Most homeowners are concerned about their front yard. But don’t forget your backyard this summer!

There are many ways to spice up your backyard. We included everything from gardening to adding a lively fountain and even simply putting a dining table in your backyard.

Fortunately, these DIY backyard ideas on a budget will accommodate any backyard. Your backyard will look so good, you’ll stay outside until it starts snowing!

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