Gazing Through Glass: The Top Home Window Trends for 2022

Are you among the 59% of homeowners who plan to continue their home improvement initiatives this year? If so, you’re probably looking for some new ideas by now. 

How about changing up your window designs in line with the latest trends? Windows can add efficiency as well as aesthetics to your home.

So, check out these top 2021/2022 window trends for inspiration.

Black Frames and Mixed Finishes

White window frames are a thing of the past as homeowners turn to black finishes to add elegance and beauty to their homes. A mixed finish involves painting the frame to match the surrounding walls and highlighting the sashes in a darker color. 

These unusual colors turn your windows into a feature rather than an afterthought and work well with most interior designs. 

More Light, Lower Electricity Bills

Large picture windows are one of the most popular 2021 window trends. That’s because they open up rooms and make use of natural light to reduce electricity use.

These take the form of floor-to-ceiling window walls, corner windows, and window seating with large panes alongside. 

When coupled with eco-friendly options like double- and triple-pane glass, these types of windows can help keep the interior of your home comfortable, regardless of the season. That means you’ll rely on fossil-fuel-powered heating and cooling systems, too.

A reputable window installation company can help you figure out how to choose new windows that suit your home’s unique style while reducing your bills. 

Narrow Rails and Stiles

Rails and stiles refer to the elements that hold the window panes into the frames of your windows.

Lately, an emphasis on minimalism while maximizing views means rails and stiles are thinner than ever before. These aspects obstruct views less than traditional window designs do, and diminish visual clutter to create a modern, clean look. 

Blast From the Past Window Trends

Mid-Century Modern architecture is an emerging trend among millennials. These design principles focus on functionality over ornamentation.

Typically, these popular 1945 to 1960s designs involve large expanses of glass, often located in unusual places, like above doorways. They also utilize industrial materials like aluminum, concrete, and steel.

In its heyday, this architecture was overdone and wasteful. Yet, modern homeowners are creating the best window designs to suit our times by implementing green technologies in their MCM architecture. 

Side Effects

Sidelites refer to narrow windows placed alongside an entrance door to bring more light into a room. They’re often combined with a transom above the door for added effect.

These windows fit in well with both contemporary and mid-century modern trends. You can also customize them so that they open to encourage airflow through the home, helping to keep your interiors cool on hot days.

Stay Up to Date With Design Trends

Revamping your house in line with the latest window trends and other popular finishes can help improve its value and enhance your comfort levels.

Yet, it’s not a good idea to blindly follow fashion. Rather consider all your options for upgrading your home and go with those that add value to your lifestyle, first. 

Would you like to discover more innovative ways to upgrade your interiors? Browse our website for all the latest tips and news. 

Sudarsan Chakraborty
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