First Impressions: 5 Easy Landscaping Ideas for the Front of the House

When you think of home design, you probably think of decorating the interior. And it makes sense; choosing cabinetry, flooring, wall color, and decor pieces is fun and an important part of making a house a home.

But what many people overlook is the exterior design. Maybe you’ve gotten so used to driving up to a plain yard that you no longer notice it. Or you’ve been meaning to landscape the front yard for years but feel it’s too big of a project to tackle.

If this is the case, what you need are some easy landscaping ideas for the front of the house! Imagine, you pull into your driveway after a long day at work and there are vibrant flowers, a stunning pathway, and a well-decorated entrance to welcome you home. By following these tips, that dream can become a reality.

1. Start With a Clean Canvas

If you’ve let your yard fall into disarray over the last few months (or years), one of the best landscape ideas for the front of the house that we can give you is to clean it up before you start. With a clean canvas, you can get a better idea of what you want and need to add to your front yard.

Remove all the debris from your yard, such as sticks and leaves, then mow and edge your grass. Once the yard itself is looking clean, use a blower to remove any dirt and debris from your driveway and walkways. If your driveway, walkways, or front porch could use a rinse, take care of that now as well.

2. Add a Pop of Color

If you’re in need of front yard landscaping ideas on a budget, look no further than flower beds. Now, flowers can get quite pricey, depending on the type you purchase.

However, there’s an endless number of perennials for beginners that are both inexpensive and easy to keep healthy. Best of all, they’ll come back year after year, eliminating the need for repurchase and replanting. 

Be sure to choose flowers that compliment the color of your home. For example, warm-toned flowers in red, orange, and yellow will look best against a grey house. If your home is brick, green and white flowers are the better option.

3. Design Your Beds

Now that you have a list of the flowers that you want to plant in mind or, even better, on paper, you can begin to design your beds.

You don’t have to be an artist to do this, all you need is a drawing app or a piece of paper and colored pencils that match the colors of your flowers. Draw out a rough sketch of your front yard and begin to experiment with flower placement – even if the “flowers” are just dots on the page!

A flower bed in the front of the house is always an excellent idea, but don’t limit yourself to just one patch of flowers. You could add flowers around trees, in window boxes, in planters on the front porch, wherever you think they would look best.

If you do create flower beds, whether bordering your house or a particularly beautiful tree in your front yard, consider adding concrete curbing as well. This will give your beds a clean look and make landscape maintenance much easier in the future.

4. Create a Pathway

Your yard might already have a path that leads to the front door or around to the back gate, but if it doesn’t, it might be time to add one. And if you do have a path but it’s a little worse for wear, consider redoing it.

The design of your path will vary depending on the aesthetic you’re going for. If you’re looking to create a structured, traditional feel in your yard, you’ll need a straight path. Those looking for a more organic or bohemian vibe can go with a winding path that flows with the terrain.

If you create a winding path, however, be careful not to go overboard. A path that’s curved for the sake of being curved will look awkward. In addition, for the best results, aim for making your pathways at least 3 feet wide.

5. Hide Unattractive Home Necessities

The goal of landscaping the front of the house is to add beauty to your yard, and unsightly features such as your outdoor garbage can and air conditioning unit can take away from your hard work.

There are several options for hiding these fixtures, but the most popular is wood paneling. You can essentially create a small fence around these items and paint it to match the exterior of your home or make it more of a decor piece.

The only caveat is that you should never plant or place anything too close to your air conditioning unit. Give it plenty of breathing room to prevent damage. 

Boost Your Curb Appeal With These Easy Landscaping Ideas for the Front of the House

When you’re looking at the blank slate that is your front yard, you might feel a little overwhelmed. But if you use these easy landscaping ideas for the front of the house, you’ll find that landscaping your front yard isn’t as difficult as you thought it would be.

The number one thing to remember when designing your front yard is that it should be a reflection of you and your family. Choose the flowers and features that speak to you and you’ll have a gorgeous landscape in no time.

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