Finishing Touches! 8 Top Unique Home Decor Accessories

Did you know that the average person moves around 12 times in their lifetime? If you’ve recently moved, you’re most likely excited about decorating your new place.

With that in mind, finding unique home decor accessories can be tough. And with everyone buying the same things, it’s hard to make your home look and feel different than everyone else’s.

The good news? We can help!

In this article, we’ll give you 8 decor items that you can purchase to take your home to the next level. On top of that, we’ll help you pick personalized items that are unique to you and your likes and interests.

That way your home feels more like you, and thus, is your favorite place to spend your time.

1. Wall Decor

When you start to decorate your home, the first thing that will jump out at you is going to be those blank walls. After all, it’s next to impossible to make your house feel like a home if the walls are completely bare.

The good news? You can hag up just about anything on the wall and add some art to your space. From traditional items like posters and pictures to something more abstract and practical like mounting your bike on your wall, the possibilities for wall decor are endless.

2. Rugs

Got tons of tile or hardwood in your home? Looking to make things warmer and more comfortable in certain areas like hallways or around your couch? Pick up a few rugs and place them strategically throughout your space.

Don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun with your rug selections. After all, if you don’t like them, or need a change eventually, you can simply pick them up and replace them with new rugs.

3. Wall Mirrors

If you’re working with a smaller space, there are a few things that you can do to make that space feel bigger or more open than it actually is. Besides not cramming too much stuff in that small space, you can use wall mirrors to make a space look bigger.

So, if you’ve got a small walk-in area around your front door, hang up a mirror on the wall. Not only will it help you maximize the space but it will also be practical, as a mirror right by your door can be quite useful.

4. Houseplants

Did you know that having houseplants can be really good for your physical and mental health? If you have a few spots that need some decor items, consider picking up a few house plants to add a functional decor piece to your home.

A pro tip? Consider picking up a snake plant or ZZ plant for your home. They not only look interesting, but they’ll help purify the air in your home and reduce allergies, too.

5. Candles

Looking for more creative and clever ways to purify the air in your home? Need some items to set on a shelf or a coffee table? Grab a few scented candles and set them out around your home.

If you can, try to pick up beeswax candles, and they’ll give you the best results air purification-wise. They’ll help remove dirt and debris from your home, and also make things smell nice, which is an added bonus.

6. Bookends

Are you an avid reader? Do you have shelves filled with your favorite books in your home? If so, pick up a few bookends that you can use to add some flair to your bookshelves.

After doing a bit of Googling, you should be able to find themed bookends that represent your favorite books. By purchasing those, instead of plain bookends, you can add some personality to your space, making your home feel more like you.

7. Lamps

Did you know that bad lighting in your home can have a negative effect on your mental health? While natural lighting is the best option, you need to be able to brighten up spaces that lack windows or keep things well lit at night.

Having LED bulbs installed in the lighting fixtures in your home is more than a good idea. You can also pick up some lamps, both tabletop and floor lamps, to add more lighting to your home.

Of course, lamps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. So, finding something that fits you and your style, and the theme of your home, should be rather easy.

With this in mind, the more lights that you add to your home, the harder it can be to cool a small space. Make sure you consider things like your HVAC system, or the need to install some small fans if you think you’re making a space too warm.

8. Games

Looking for some modern home decor ideas? Big into entertaining and hosting gatherings at your home? If so, consider picking up some games that are not only fun to play, but also make great decor pieces for your home.

Things like retro arcade cabinets are perfect for a game room, basement, or home office. And if you’re a traditionalist, you can’t beat having your very own pool table located somewhere inside of your home.

Something simpler and more affordable, like wall darts, is another great option. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to create a fun game room that you and your guests can enjoy.

Need More Help Finding Unique Home Decor Accessories?

Finding unique home decor accessories doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep in mind what you like, and what will make life easier for you, and you should be able to find things that are both decorative and practical.

Just moved into a new place? Looking for more home decor tips and tricks? Check back with our blog often for more useful information and ideas!

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