Easy Guide To Buying Vintage Rugs

When a homeowner is addicted to finding investment pieces for their house, it can range from a sofa made of cashmere to furniture found at a flea market. However, when purchasing a rug, regardless if it is a Persian rug or a Turkish carpet, it may not be that worthwhile. Besides, a carpet will be walked on, and recklessness from someone can happen once in a while. However, if it is vintage rugs, these are worth every penny spent. Unlike avid fans of vintage items that already know what to look for, newbies will need to read through some tips to avoid items in their worse conditions.

Buy From Direct Suppliers

Most people would always opt to look in bazaars. Doing so doesn’t always have favourable outcomes. Even when travelling, tourists would head directly to the supplier since they are much guaranteed that the rugs are still in good condition. Even when shopping online, it is recommended to check the supplier’s website instead of other rug dealers.

Look at the Edges

Since these are vintage rugs, make sure to check the edges of these are frayed and can be untangled easily. Most of the common problems are the strings that are intertwined and ruin the item’s entire look. These are investment pieces, so every corner and every aspect of the product should be thoroughly checked.

Make Sure It Is Handmade

It won’t hurt to check with the dealer if the rug is handmade or machine-made. However, to avoid being tricked or conned, you can flip the carpet and it should appear almost similar to the top. This method is the most effective and trusted method of identifying if the product is handmade.

Feel the Rug

When scrutinising the item, you will notice the cardboard texture and its crack. These are signs that it has been stained and dried out without applying the appropriate method. The fibres are rotten, so no matter how lovely they look, it is not a good investment. Let that one go and find a much more good quality one.


Make Sure That The Product Hasn’t Been Painted

Some dealers will abuse the buyer’s naivety and will try to work their way out of convincing that the dye is genuine. Some of the experts suggest using a damp cloth and rubbing it on the top of the rug, as this will help identify if its dye is fabricated or not. When there is a color transfer, then forget about this and check another carpet.

Look for Faux-aging Signs

The real vintage rug will appear to be like brand new when placed side by side with a new one, but with a bit of aging. Some dealers tend to be creative in marketing their products by applying the acid-wash technique to fake the aging effect. This normally causes washed-out color or the presence of beige hues on the product. A genuine vintage rug will still have vibrant shades, regardless of how old it is.

Don’t Go for Chemical Colouring

Even with purchasing a vintage rug, always go for the natural dye. The chemical-based dye can be harmful, and the color is dull. The natural ones involve the proven technique of getting organic colors from the skins of onions, walnuts, and leaves. These antique carpets will have more intensity in their appearance.

Sudarsan Chakraborty
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