Different Terrace House Designs You Should Check Out

The terrace: that space where everybody goes for some fresh air and relaxation. As an outdoor recreation area meant for resting and barbecue parties, the patio adds functionality and glamour to a house. Planning to have one? Check out these amazing terrace house designs from https://www.mojourbanliving.com.au/terrace-homes/

House Planning

Before exploring the varying terrace designs, it’s important to know the critical aspects of house planning.

One, choose the kind of house that reflects your personality. Design is not about creating a fancy or massive house. Having an exterior and interior that speaks to your individual aesthetic is even more important.

Two, do extensive research. Cover your bases by studying the essentials on budgeting, finance, and potential issues that may arise with your design choice. Lastly, be open to change. Flexibility is an invaluable trait. Not everything will go as planned, so you need to learn to adjust depending on the circumstances.

Top Terrace House Designs

Here are some fantastic terrace house designs to consider for your dream house.

Corner Terrace

This design is best for those who want peace above all things. A corner terrace is located in a secluded and spacious area of the house and backdropped merely by its surroundings. It requires no ornamentation whatsoever, utilising only the natural environment to give off a calm and peaceful vibe.


Wooden Patio

If simplicity and nature are to your liking, this terrace is perfect for you. Built with wood and adorned with natural herbage, a wooden patio in the front of your home evokes beautiful country charm without being in the outskirts. This design is a great blend of modern architecture and classical wooden signature designs.

In-between Terrace

This terrace design is creative and ingenious in more ways than one, although it’s located in an awkward spot in the house. It gives a touch of minimalism and functionality by creating a space that connects different areas. This terrace makes for a wonderful “chill” space. It’s like the best stop-over in the entire house.

Exposed Platform

This design maximises space with the use of walls and flooring. By extending concrete out of doors and walls, recreational space is broadened and becomes less confined. With a little elevation, you can now sit and relax while getting that contemporary feel.

View Deck Patio

A view deck patio focuses on harnessing nature’s charm and unique aesthetics. By using natural elements, flora, and fauna, a view deck in the form of a wooden columned patio is the ideal location to be in harmony with nature. Landscapes make for a one-of-a-kind scenery perfect for rest and relaxation. If you need additional home designs like clotheslines, you can visit Aussie Clotheslines and Letterboxes. They can provide size and style to suit your space.

Entryway Terrace

Going inside the house will never be boring if your entryway is also your terrace. Not only is this design excellent as a façade, but space is also cleverly utilised with the use of wooden benches and leafage. If you plan to have a blend of contemporary design and optimal functionality, this design is for you.


Terraces reveal a homeowner’s personality to its guests. More importantly, it provides a space for rest, recreation, and relaxation for its occupants. Therefore, pick a terrace design that works with your unique style and suits you and your family’s needs.

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