Deep Water Culture DIY: How to Start With Hydroponics at Home

During the pandemic, many people decided to grow vegetables and fruits at home. In fact, 17.4 percent of Canadians who grow food at home started in 2020. And, one of the most popular methods to do so is using hydroponics! 

Would you like to try hydroponics at home? If so, keep reading to learn how to build your very own system at home and some deep water culture DIY tips! 

What Is Deep Water Culture?

Deep water culture is a system you can build to grow plants hydroponically. It is simple to assemble, but you can also find a deep water culture kit to make it even easier. 

These are the steps for building a deep water culture setup from scratch. 

1. Find the Materials

The first step is gathering the right materials for your deep water culture system. Once you have the following items, you can get to work!


Although you can buy special containers for hydroponics, a DIY deep water culture bucket works just as well. Most people like to use durable totes from the hardware store, which hold up to 20 gallons of water. Just be sure to purchase the lid, as you will need it! 

Air Pump

Your air pump keeps the water oxygenated so that the plants can survive. Truthfully, any air pump will work just fine in this system, so it doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Air Stone

The air pump is located outside of the system, so the air stone is important for spreading the air around the inside of the container. You can find these at aquarium stores or online. 


Of course, you will need something to connect your air pump and stone. And tubing does exactly that! Look for opaque, air-lined tubing since it will bend easily and won’t grow algae. 

Growing Media

Clay pellets are the best growing media because they are pH neutral and affordable. Moreover, you can reuse them, which saves money. 

You’ll also need net pots, which are made of mesh. This material encourages your plants to produce plentiful roots. 

2. Drill Holes

After you have everything you need for your deep water culture hydroponics system, it’s time to drill holes in the lid! They should be large enough for the net pots to sit down in, and you can use scissors if you don’t have a hole saw. 

3. Set Up Your Air Pump 

Now it’s time to connect your air pump and stone with the tubing! Be sure that the arrow on the check valve is facing the air stone, and then attach the check valve to the pump. 


4. Fill Your Container, Add Nutrients, and Check the pH 

Next, you should fill your container with water, leaving at least 2 cm of water at the top. Then, add your nutrients according to the instructions on the package. Finally, you should check the pH, ensuring that it is slightly acidic if you’ll grow vegetables. 

5. Assemble the System

The last step is plugging in your air pump, securing the lid, and placing your net pots in the holes. Once you’ve done that, you can insert the clay pellets and your plants. And voila, you’re all set! 

Make Your Deep Water Culture DIY a Success

Hopefully, you are ready to start growing produce at home with these deep water culture DIY instructions. Of course, for best results, you’ll need to maintain your system by changing the water every month. If you do so, you’ll be able to enjoy the delicious crops you harvest!

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