Deep Cleaning Kitchen: How Often Do You Need to Deep Clean?

Keeping a household running involves a lot of cleaning tasks, but the rooms you use the most seem to get dirty again before you’re even done cleaning them.

The kitchen is one of those spaces because people always need to eat again. If you’re tired of always feeling like there’s dirt or clutter in your kitchen, doing a deep clean regularly can help solve the problem.

Here’s some information about how often to deep clean, tips for deep cleaning the kitchen, and some cleaning hacks.

How Often to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

There are some cleaning tasks that should be done weekly to keep the grime down. Kitchens build up grease quickly, especially if you cook a lot. If you wipe appliances regularly, then deep cleaning the grime can happen less frequently.

Exactly how often to deep clean a kitchen isn’t very scientific, though. Once a month is a good rule to follow, although if you cook infrequently and you’re meticulous about cleaning afterward, you could get by deep cleaning every two or three months.

Once a year, hire a house cleaning service to take care of a super deep clean, just to make sure you’re getting all the nooks and crannies. If this type of once-a-month schedule seems like too much, let the experts take care of all the deep cleaning, from weekly to monthly visits.

Tips: Deep Cleaning the Kitchen

One of the best tips for deep cleaning your kitchen is to make a list of the deep cleaning tasks you want to prioritize. Put the list where you won’t lose it. When you’re ready to get started, refer to the tasks you wrote down so you don’t miss anything.


Deep cleaning tasks can include:

  • Lifting stovetop to wipe underneath stove burners
  • AND/OR replacing foil wrapping underneath stove burners
  • Wiping out microwave
  • Degreasing stove hood
  • Cleaning inside oven
  • Scouring sink and faucet
  • Washing dish drainer tray
  • Removing dishes from cupboards and washing cupboards, then replacing dishes
  • Scrubbing backsplash

Another great tip for deep cleaning is to set reminders for yourself. Once a month on your digital calendar or in a paper calendar, plan to spend a few hours deep cleaning your kitchen. You’ll have a record of when you cleaned last and you won’t forget to do these all-important tasks.

How to Deep Clean a Kitchen

Sometimes it’s not as simple as wiping something down. Make your home a haven by using some of these kitchen cleaning tips you may not know.

For the microwave, put a bowl of water inside and microwave on high for 1 minute. Use caution as the bowl will be hot when you take it out. A sponge will wipe away the grime much easier after the steam had a chance to work.

For the stove, mix baking soda and water together to make a paste. Spread on tough stains and hard, cooked-on food and let it soak. Then use an abrasive scrubber in circular motions to scrub and remove grime.

For cutting boards, freshen with half a lemon. Roll the lemon on the counter to loosen pulp and juice, then cut in half. Rub the fruit on the board for sanitizing and fresh smell, then rinse.

Spic and Span

With the information above, you can do some regular deep cleaning kitchen tasks and keep the kitchen tidier. Even though it’s a room that gets used a lot, you shouldn’t have to feel overwhelmed with the cleaning chores.

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