Cross Country Movers Los Angeles To New York

Los Angeles and New York are some of the most populated and busy locations in North America. Every year, CNYX moves hundreds of people and families back and from each of these places to start life anew, to start a business, to go to college, and so forth. Are you looking for a mover to help you make the same move from Los Angeles to New York? CNYX is here to help you with that. Because that is exactly what we do, and have been doing for decades.

How much does it cost to move from Los Angeles to New York?

The average cost of a coast to coast move from Los Angeles to New York is about $4,000 to $5,000. This is what covers an average three-bedroom house with about 4 family members. However, it is important not to base your move on average figures or what other people paid for the same trip. Each move is unique in its volume and needs. To find out exactly how much money you need to put aside for your move, fill our quote form or call and talk to one of our representatives. 

Is moving cross country from LA to NY worth it?

Cross country moving is quite a process. It means a lot of changes to almost all the usual routines that people have gotten used to in their lives.  It means a new workplace, new schools, new house, new climates, new incomes, etc. The question as to whether the process is worth it all depends on why the move is taking place in the first place. If you are moving for positive reasons such as school, work, or family, then by all means go for it. 

What should a person moving from Los Angeles expect when relocating to New York?

Los Angeles and New York are quite different. If you live in Los Angeles then you are used to a more laid-back lifestyle, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, a warm climate, easy interactions between cultures, and more. As you relocate to New York, expects some stark changes to your lifestyle such as:

  • High rent prices
  • Using the subway
  • A very fast-paced lifestyle
  • A colder climate
  • More rigid interactions between strangers 

How to prepare when moving from LA to NYC

Are you ready for life in the big apple? Here are some things you can do make your life a little easier as you move from the West Coast to New York City:

  • Downsize your furniture as you will most likely move into a smaller property.
  • Save up in anticipation for the higher rental figures. 
  • Sell your vehicles and consider using the train or ride-sharing cabs.
  • Swap your vests and shorts for jackets and pants in readiness for the colder weather in NYC.
  • Organize your diary and get ready for a busy lifestyle with a million things to do each week.

What are some moving tips for people moving from Los Angeles to New York?

  • Start looking for a property very early. 
  • Preferably opt to pay rent monthly so that you can look for more places to stay without being locked in by a lease agreement.
  • If you get a good place, lock it in fast.
  • Move light, sell what you can, and keep the money for living expenses – you’ll need it.
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