Considerations While Installing a Home Theatre

Australians love their movies. This is evident because the number of screens has increased by 150%, from 829 to 2,310 during the period 1980 to 2019. Of these, the number of digital screens doubled in number from 2012 to now. The median age in Brisbane is 35 years, making them a highly contemporary crowd.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to remain indoors as a precaution. If you, too, are a movie buff and miss going to the cinemas, you can now get the same experience in the safety of your home. Home theatre installation in Brisbane is your answer for the next movie craving you have. Bear in mind the below considerations while installing the system in your Brisbane home.

The Room

While considering a home theatre, the first line item is the space you want to convert into your sanctuary. It depends on your family size, the amount you are willing to invest, and the décor. The room needs to be insulated for sound and light and should be medium-sized. Your room will determine the other aspects of the system. 


Not all people have the latest when it comes to TV. Therefore, we recommend that you get a 4K HDR TV boasting the latest in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, connectivity, and display. If you need the TV to remain where it is, you can also invest in a transparent screen that makes for a perfect display platform. 

The average screen is about eight square feet and gives you an authentic cinematic experience. The distance between the screen and seating should be about 3 times the screen’s size. With homes selling at nearly $905,000 million in Brisbane, home theatres are an affordable affair for most residents. 

Streaming Devices

With the right home theatre input system, you can stream from just about any device, be it laptops, tablets, phones, or other wireless streaming devices that play apps such as Spotify and Tidal. 



The number and size of speakers will depend on the size of your room. You need to have at least one woofer among the speakers, and it should be placed above or behind your seating arrangement. The central and largest speaker should be placed under or behind the screen. This will ensure that the sound appears to be coming right from the screen, like in a movie theatre. 


Soft lighting is best suited when it comes to amplifying your home theatre experience. It is great if you can install dimmers that can change the intensity of light according to your taste. 


Lounge furniture may not be the most suited for this room. Such rooms call for individual recliner chairs with armrests. If you splurge, you can add the 4K motion technology chairs that magnify the experience. 

Add Ons

A mini-fridge and a snack bar will complete your movie-watching experience. Home theatres are no longer part of high-end homes. Most families from middle-income groups also install them so that they can spend quality time together. Home theatre installation in Brisbane needs these considerations to augment the experiences. You can now make your movie-watching better than it is in a movie theatre.

Sudarsan Chakraborty
Sudarsan Chakraborty

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