Choosing the Perfect Recliners

A wall hugger recliner is closely similar to a normal recliner only that a normal recliner can be adjusted to several settings while wall recliners remain in their original location at all times.

These models actually move forward when reclined to provide maximum comfort. Likewise, wall hugger recliners can be placed closer to the wall and do not take up so much space. 

People with health or mobility issues can benefit a lot from these chairs thanks to their advanced features. If you’re looking to purchase these models, here are some of the things you should consider. 

Room size

Even though wall hugger recliners are designed for limited spaces, you still need to measure the size of your room before commencing your hunt. You can as well ask a professional to do it for you. 

This will help you choose a perfect fit for your space. Leave ample space in front of your chair for its footrest to pop up without bumping into other furniture. Remember to measure your door opening as well to ensure it can house the recliner’s width properly.


The prices of these chairs vary depending on the material and design. Leather is more expensive than other fabrics. Likewise, models with footrest, remote control, and other advanced features are pricier. It is important to have a budget to avoid impulse buying.

Color and upholstery

The other good thing about wall away recliners is that you can get them in different upholstery finishes and colors. You can choose between polyester, leather, or microfiber. Microfiber is stain-resistant therefore easy to maintain. 

Leather is smart and tear-resistant while polyester is durable and soft. Whatever choice you make, make sure the fabric is durable and comfortable. The color of the sofa should also match your style and décor. 

You may consider dull colors like black grey or beige for a more sophisticated. Read more here.

Added extras

A wall hugger recliner is mainly designed for relaxation. As such, you may want to consider a model with a built-in cup holder or tray holder if you want somewhere to set your wine or food. 

For those who enjoy browsing the internet in their free time, a recliner with a laptop table or a phone holder might be a perfect pick. Some models come with a massage system to help relieve pain and pressure on various parts of the body. Other important features to consider include, footrests, LED Flex Light, Lumber, Head and Neck Pillow among others.

Body size

Considering wall away recliners are much smaller than the traditional models, you might want to measure the size of your body before ordering online. 

This might also be a challenge if you’re tall or big. For a comfortable fit, measure the length between your tailbone and the back of your knee, your width, and the distance between your heel and the back of your knee. With these measurements, you are assured the new chair will fit perfectly like a glove.


The modern design comes with an anti-crush feature that protects pets or kids from harm. This can be a barrier that prevents dogs, cats, or toddlers from getting under the chair. Some high-end recliners feature a halting mechanism that prevents the chair from lowering when something is detected beneath the chair. This feature may come in handy if you have small children or pets in your home.


As with any other item, it is important to go for high-quality chairs. Recliners are made in different construction materials and each material has its pros and cons. 

Opt for a reputable dealer who insists on quality when it comes to sturdy framework and smooth mechanism. Likewise, choose a design that matches your style and comfort needs. 

You want also to make sure your wallaway recliner can withstand the test of time. Some companies even offer customization options for their client to choose from.


Comfort And Support

Comfort and support are crucial when buying a recliner. Since you will be seating on it for a while, you want to make sure it is well padded with the right material. 

The best chairs are made with high-density foam or memory foam. High-density foam is known for its comfort and doesn’t lose its form over time. Memory foam on the other hand provides unbeatable support by following the body’s contour. 

For more support choose a model with a hand-tied spring system or pocket coil springs. Click here to read o the health benefits of using recliners.


If you want a recliner that would fit well in your bedroom or small living room, consider a wall hugger recliner. The best part is it can be placed close to a wall and still recline. Should you wish to add extra comfort, go for one with additional features like heat massage, cup holder, among others.

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