Buying Guide For Parts Of Window Screen

Unless window screens are a source of disturbance, homeowners don’t notice their existence. Window screens are not considered an important aspect, but selecting the right window screen parts play a key role in enhancing the home environment. The right window screen material can allow more natural light to enter, regulate fresh air, and protect against invading pests.

Choosing the Right Screen

Before one plan to invest in a new window screen, he/she needs to understand the space of inhabitation. Furthermore, one must understand that every window screen material is not compatible with every ambiance. The screen parts might have to undergo wear and tear beyond anticipation and thereby the need for replacing them faster is more prevalent.

Ventilation and Natural Airflow

Proper ventilation and flow of natural airflow play a big role while investing in window screen material. The market consists of a wide array of insect window screens with large mesh sizes protecting against pest intrusion. Ventilation is a deciding factor for buying window screen parts as they act as a protective shield against unnecessary intrusion, but allow sunlight and fresh air.


While looking for window screens, considering one’s location is vital. Window screen parts don’t come in a universal size and are made of different materials. For instance, if one resides in a windy climate area, tuff screens are better options for durability from flying debris. Furthermore, in a coastal climate, the screens must be made of rust-resistant and water-resistant materials.

 Window Screen Materials

The mesh-like wire present in the window screens is made of different materials. Based on one’s preferences, budget, etc., one can choose any of the following.

·         Fiberglass is popular for its flexibility and known for providing excellent ventilation, and visibility. Fiberglass window screens are one of the most popular choices.

·         Stainless steel is widely known for its robust feature, and it is a preferred choice in high-traffic areas.

·         Polyester is a popular choice among pet owners as the material is known for being tear-resistant.

·         Cooper screens are gaining immense popularity in coastal areas mainly because of their insect-resistant mesh wire design.

·         For homeowners who want rust-resistant and free from sagging window screens, aluminum is the material that is favored.


Over the years, window screens have evolved in design and functions. Even having the simplest window screen can alleviate the chances of burglars and other forceful entries. Overall, it is a security-related product that can offer homeowners peace of mind from certain risky conditions. They are usually made of stainless-steel frames and see-through mesh. In addition, child-safety screens, and fire-resistant screens are also available.

Solar Screening

Considering using solar window screens is yet another factor that is considered vital. Solar screens are ideal for windows that attract a lot of sunlight. The dark exterior blocks the sun’s heat and absorbs the excess heat, and also offers privacy. Furthermore, it also protects the valuable furniture from fading due to sunlight. The solar screens are mainly used on pool decks, porches, and patios.


The above-mentioned are some of the factors that must be considered while searching for different window screen parts. The market is flooded with tons of products, but choosing the right product is important.

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