Bathroom Sink Vanity Cabinets

Vanity sinks can be confusing. If your bathroom is smaller than your kitchen, then what is a vanity? In fact, all bathroom sinks are considered vanities. But none of them are necessarily considered sinks. Notice that stated, “not attached to a sink?”

If you don’t have a bathroom vanity with a built-in sink attached, or if you don’t have a single large bathroom cabinet with storage capacity, then most likely you will be looking for other solutions to storage problems in your bathroom. That is why you see many bathroom cabinets with shelves and/or drawers. Bathroom vanity cabinets are designed to hold all sorts of items. That would normally be placed on a counter. They may also hold bottles of lotion, shampoo, or even diapers.

Most vanity cabinets are made to fit standard bathroom sizes. The width of a vanity cabinet may vary, however. The average full-height cabinet will hold up to 32 inches of the countertop. Most will be between eighteen and twenty-six inches wide, with the occasional size between twenty and thirty-two inches wide. The narrower cabinets are usually fitted along with the countertop. And they may not exceed the twenty-four-inch limit.

Materials used in vanities range from natural materials to synthetic blends.  Natural materials like wood and stone. Synthetic blends like engineered woods and plastics. Most bathroom spaces are small. And vanity units allow you to use the space you do have. That means choosing vanities with low profiles, minimal floor space, and clean lines. You will want to avoid dark or murky solid wood finishes. They can obscure the bathroom space.

Some vanities can be installed as part of a modular bathroom design. If your bathroom is long and narrow, it makes sense to install a vanity on either side of a tub or shower that runs into the room. This gives you the option of using a larger bathroom vanity cabinet on one side of the tub while leaving open access to the other side. In a smaller bathroom, installing a single bathroom cabinet on each side of a tub may look strange. Long and narrow bathroom cabinets are available in standard bathroom sizes. And many have enough width to fit a standard-sized shower door.

Before ordering a new vanity, measure the existing measurements. A reputable cabinetmaker will be able to take the necessary measurements for the space in which you intend to install the unit. They may need to borrow a tape measure from a friend or take additional steps to ensure the measurements are accurate. They should provide you with written measurements, along with an outline showing how the new vanity will fit. To ensure proper installation, make sure the plumbing features are in good repair. Many of the new fixtures have built-in plumbing, so only require a minimal amount of plumbing work.

The most difficult part of adding a new bathroom vanity to an existing bathroom is deciding where to place it. If the existing floor space is wide, placing the sink next to the vanity can add an elegant touch. It will also provide easy access to the faucet and vanity cupboard when needed. If the floor space is limited, installing the sink out in the open provides more floor space. Sink placement is another consideration, especially if you plan to install the vanity in a separate open area like a freestanding walk-in bath. Placing the sink in an open corner will allow the vanity to sit flush against the wall, improving access and efficiency.

When purchasing a new bathroom vanity cabinet, knowing what features are important to you is the first step in shopping for the perfect piece. If your bathroom is small, consider installing two mirror compartments as well as a cutout area for a toothbrush holder. If your bathroom is large, go with the standard one or two mirror compartments. But make sure there is adequate toothbrush clearance. Add more compartments and storage areas if your bathroom is spacious. Choosing the right size bathroom sink vanity cabinet is important. So take your time and shop around. You will find one that best suits your needs and your budget.

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