Bathroom Mirrors: What’s Right for Your Next Remodel?

Bathroom Mirrors

The mirror is an essential component of your bathroom which plays a key role in our daily grooming. People will always look in the mirror when styling their hair, shaving, and applying makeup. The mirror may also be the last thing you look at before leaving the house. 

Sizing the Mirror

Typically, the mirror hangs over the sink because you will need to look at your face as you brush your teeth and carry out other activities in the bathroom. The key determinant of the mirror size is the length of the vanity’s countertop.

Many designers will opt for a mirror that is narrower than your vanity by two to four inches. The size of the bathroom determines the size of the vanity. It is a typical phenomenon for a large master bathroom to have a double-sink vanity with a countertop and storage underneath. Smaller bathrooms will have a single vanity. 

Your mirror can cover the entire length of your vanity or just span the length of the sink. 

Mirror Shapes

Bathroom mirrors are available in various sizes and shapes. Your remodeler and bathroom style will determine the shape of the mirror.

  • Traditional remodelers will opt fr a rectangular or oval mirror. The remodeler will always ensure that they install the mirror in a style that will match the rest of the room.
  • The remodeler can cut or choose to have your mirror built-in to fit the provided space. Such mirrors will utilize the surrounding tile or molding to give them a custom look.
  • In recent times, homeowners are utilizing technology. They prefer modern styles, and the mirrors can be frameless or contain inbuilt lights. Generally, a frameless mirror is your ideal bathroom mirror for people who want sleek designs

How to Hang Your Mirror

When mounting, the remodeler will consider who will be using the mirror. The average man is 5’10”, while the average woman is 5’5″. If your home has kids, then the remodeler will also consider them so that everyone can use the mirror. 

A vital aspect every remodeler puts into consideration is the lighting. Whether natural or not, lighting will determine the quality of the reflection you see. The best practice is to install the mirror where it reflects as much natural light as possible. Always check the bathroom window.

If your bathroom window is large, place the mirror opposite the window. If the window is small and does not let in much light, wall lights or sconces may be ideal. A problem may arise if the bathroom has no window. You will have to install the right lighting, keeping in mind that too much light may cause glare, and too little will have you squinting to see. 


Whether a large bathroom with double vanity or a small one with single vanity, the mirror makes your bathroom complete. You have to ensure that the installation is perfect so that the mirror can serve you to your satisfaction. It is good to have your bathroom mirror directly above the sink.

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