Awesome Types of Awnings You’ll Love – Beautifying Your Home or Business

I’ll go ahead and get this out in the open – I’m a big fan of awnings. There’s something about them that just gets me excited. Maybe it’s because they seem to bring back memories of my childhood in the late 1990s when my dad would walk me to school every day. My elementary school was in the same building as his office, so he’d walk me there in the morning, then pick me up after school. Every day, on our way home, he would stop at the local hardware store to do some shopping for the house. My favourite part, by far, was when we walked past an old shop with a dark green metal door with two glass panes on either side with beautiful awnings on them. I adore awnings. I really do. There’s just something about them – they give me an instant feeling of nostalgia and bring back so many wonderful memories of my childhood…

For me, the awning is the sign of hospitality – it’s a signal to passersby that you’re open for business. Awnings communicate that you care about people and give them a place to seek shelter from the sun and rain when they need it and an inviting place to sit to enjoy your goods and services in comfort.

One of the main benefits of awing is that is can change the look and feel of your home. Not only for looks but it has great benefit for a house. Retractable awnings at Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters are a fantastic addition to any home because they go beyond just shading your windows.

Retractable Awnings

The retractable awning has been there since the early 1930s. People have been using it to protect their houses from the direct sun rays and harmful UV rays. A number of home builders have been using retractable awnings to make outdoor spaces more inviting. These types of awnings are vital in homes nowadays. As many commercial buildings utilize them, you will not find any homeowners who do not want to add these elements to their houses. I still remember when I bought my house; the first thing that I did was install an awning to provide my family and me with the best shade and protection from the hot and harmful rays of the sun. Just like how we need roofs to protect our home from leakages, we also need awnings so we can have an easier time spending our leisure hours outside.

With the help of a retractable awning, you can enjoy outdoor living in your home, even during rainy days. It helps protect patios, decks, and balcony areas from obstructions. Retractable awnings are available in different designs that complement your home’s style, and you may opt for modern or Victorian styles that appear stylish to people coming into your property. Retractable awnings are made of quality materials that ensure their durability. They also come with a warranty so you can get them repaired anytime they become damaged due to use or other issues.


Residential Awnings

A residential awning, also known as a patio awning, is an umbrella-like structure that provides protection against rain and sun. This can be set at the top part of interior building walls or can face outside the home. Residential metal retractable types of awnings are mainly used by people who live in urban or metropolitan areas where hardwood is not generally found. Those living in rural areas generally install residential vertical fold-up (vertical) type of awnings. The whole point of having this kind of retractable awnings is to give protection from direct sunlight and rainwater to outdoor furniture and other accessories, like children’s toys.

Summer houses are one place where people can enjoy summer vacations with their families. However, the space of the house is reduced during summers because of the heavy shade of trees. Therefore, people near coastal areas install roof awnings installed on the terrace or over the windows for shading purposes.

Deck Awning

A deck awning is an ideal solution for screened porch, and it provides beauty and sun protection without an awning framework. Just turn on your patio lights, bring out the comfortable lounge chairs, have a glass of wine or iced tea, and you’re ready to relax. The first step to determining if a deck awning is right for you is defining the features your project requires. There are three main types of deck umbrellas; retractable, extendable and side mount. Decide which type will work.

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